wiennaaaa here is ur budunk

I have not really had the chance to blog because I have been busy unpacking and preparing for my HW party. Gosh! Moving is sooo stressfull! What makes up for it is that I love my new home. Its sooo ME, ok well technically “me” would be a huge mansion with 20 rooms and a huge living room with a 100 inch screen tv that I can watch movies on all night and a huge bedroom with a jacuzzi in the middle but since I would probably enjoy that more with my hussy and kids, this is sooo me for now. Anyhoo, Wienna, as promised here is the budunk shot. This is the best I could do for now.. red white and blue..

5 thoughts on “wiennaaaa here is ur budunk

  1. I cant see ish,there gotta be a better picture somewhere. I can be ur photgrapher too, looks like the photographer was triping… have a good weekend.

  2. Do u have a budunk, 4 real? Bcos all I see is a crack between ur ‘budunk’ cheeks in I guess, ur “prada” jeans!
    So, honestly how many milla’s did you pay for dat mansion or is this one of ur usual posing? LMAO!!!

  3. Congrats on the home girl…this babe, you stay climbing up and up and i admire that.

    Meanwhile leave the badunk alone…leave ittttt!!!! (petition on behalf of the badunk)

  4. I don see but i still want a ‘better and closer’ shot. I wan see d actual ‘rear’. Gosh, i sound so GAAAAY talking about dis. @anon8.59, dat’s so uncalled for abeg. Congrats on your new home, hope u had some help with d move.

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