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Of course Ruggedman has always been the number 1 Toni Payne representer but 9ice is looking real nice here too.. I was gonna add Faze to the mix but his was blue so I decided to save it for a match up with 2face. Ahh I had this perfect who wore it best picture but I cant find where I kept it. It was at a fashion show and one of the models showed up wearing the same TP tank as me. Same color et all.
Anyhoo in case you did not know, Ruggedman has a clothing line called 20th Sept wear. His items that I have seen so far are reaaaaaaaaaaaaal nice. As in I would totally have a closet full of 20th sept wear no lie.. and no its not hype, I dont hype rubbish, only good stuff. Once the line is on the market I will holla at yall to let u know. Oh maybe I can model for his first fashion show, that would be lovely. *winks*
And oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I forgot to mention Toni Payne got published, No not the usual press clippings, an article by Toni Payne in a MAJOR spa magazine. This is one of the best spa mags in the USA at the moment, they also have a european version. Its a print magazine so I will have to scan the page and show yall later but if you cant wait you can subscribe or view the mag line up here
Oh Toni Payne was also featured in the current issue of HAUTE Magazine‘s Haute List. I have a print screen version thats not too big so when I get a copy Ill also put that up. Haute Magazine is a fashion magazine. Really Haute, I love the graphics, content, layout, etc. You def gotta subscribe. We are also coming up in an issue of Prestige Magazine. This mag is actually also very impressive, cover a lot of ground, NIG lady is the editor, totally feeling it. We are also going to be in the July issue of Jton Magazine, another hot mag that just launched… anyhoo the list goes on, maybe Ill start blogging about press features seperately. We are working on some major national tv stuff so keep your fingers crossed. Don’t worry, when I get on oprah Im bout to represent and shout IT’S NAIIIIIIIIIIIJA!
Oh one last thing, Toni Payne will be joining Planet 1 events to put together the homecoming event of the year, in fact the century. Everyone who goes to NIG in Dec, this is the place to be, no lie, from what I have seen so far, VIP access, freebies,Celebs galore, you want to be there cos if you aint there, you are definitely square….we plan to go all out for this event, top quality. Its going to be in Dec 07 at Planet1. Planet 1 is a very lovely posh hotel/bar/club/everything, West African Idols was held there, and that is also Missy Elliots fav hotel in NIG. Jayz and B have nothing but good things to about their visit to Planet1. All the nice people around me will get past the velvet roap with no wahala. lol. Ill keep you posted.

6 thoughts on “Who wore it best

  1. Ure really an enterpreneur.Would love to meet u someday.
    Rugged wore it best…i guess he’s using his date of birth for his label.nice concept.congrats on all the recognition, u seem to be a hardworker.come home and make ur presence felt.u’ll be better appreciated.goodluck in everything u do.

  2. Toni- U stay busy. Good ppl at Jton and Prestige. Nice to see that you’ll be featured in their publications. Like one of my fav. hair stylist Shea Shea Johnson always says PUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSH!

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