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I was reading Linda’s blog and she said something that really got me thinking, people say Karma will get you but how come a lot of bad people go unpunished. Really makes you wonder if you truly reap what you sow? Also had me thinking about emotions people feel for each other, like what triggers it to to point where its so strong. I think sometimes as humans, we love hard and hate harder but I wonder why.

You know they say no one is perfect and hatred is a strong word but really is it not a human emotion. Like lets say you hate just one person so much your tummy turns at the sound of their voice or at the mention of their name. Is there a point saying oh I just dislike him or her? I also wonder about people who can’t divorce amicably, who claim to hate each other. Like how do you jump from Love to Hate and what could the other person hav done to warrant it. I have to admit thats one of the things that scares me about marriage. Ideally, we all want a till death do us part marriage but people can change, I guess we just have to hope and pray we are not a statistic.

Ive always been told not to say I hate someone, “always say you dislike them, because hate is a strong word” but what if you do not dislike them? What if you really and truly just hate them, is there a point faking it or calling it what its not. Today was a relaxing work day so I really had the time to think about a lot of things we do in this life. I’m such a loving, forgiving person I know it would take a lot for me to hate so if I ever tell you I hate you and sound like I mean it, know that you have done something so unthinkable I no longer see you as a human being.. lol.. hopefully that never happens because we need more love in this world…… If only we could all be kind hearted and thoughtful at all times. The world would be a better place.

Ok that is enough thinking for one day. My head hurts. lol.

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9 thoughts on “Being Human…

  1. yea i read the post too on linda’s blog and it totally makes sense but I believe what you sow you will reap, you may not reap it the same way,but you will definitely reap it and if you dont reap it in your lifetime,your children will.its just simple.

    and as for the word hate,i totally know what you mean,when ur feeling so much rage inside,i never say i hate anyone,but sometimes u just feel like this is getting past dislike, this is where i start to caution my self and put my emotions into check.

    p.s. how did u post those videos from youtube onto your blog??as part of that post,cos i tried but it just posted it as a new post entirely!

    i love love those 2face renditions, i kept going awwwwwwww in the middle of the night.

  2. Toni, iread thep ost on linda’s blog also…. the law of karma exists oh, just that its not an instant thing.
    I dont ever like to use the word hate also.

  3. I really don’t believe in Karma. It doesn’t work all the time.It is assumed that when u sleep with married men when u are single,the same thing would be done to u when u get married, Foul. It doesn’t happen like that. Poeple believe way ward girls won’t get married but again, fa fa fa…foul,it doesn’t work like that. I can give example of a lot of girls who have prostituted and done ‘runs’,yet got married to wealthy and good husbands.
    I don’t believe in Karma.

  4. I dont know….
    This topic is too deep for a Monday LOL
    Seriously, I am not sure if I believe in Karma for real.
    I just try to live the best life I can and be the best person I can be!

    Hope u r good mami!


  5. That’s the whole point – if you loved someone, you are likely to hate them later. Couples who divorce amicably never really loved each other. If they had, they would hate each other now, or at the very least, they wouldn’t be able to cope in each other presence. The opposite to love in indifference.

  6. What goes around comes around is true cos what you reap is what you sow and i believe in it totally for e.g if you are a child that’s always insulting your mother be sure that your own child will do the same to you

  7. @ mimi, simply copy the embed code and switch to html mode then paste it in html mode and then switch back to regular post mode.

    @jade.. when you say not instant, so it could take like 40 years? kinda defeats the purpose.

    Im actually starting to think the you reap what you sow thing wasnt meant to be taken literally but then again Ive noticed that most times when someone does something stupid to me something negaive happens to them and it doesnt take that long either. Kinda scary, someone tried to explain it as the kind of head I brought to the world bla bla bla. lol.

    @vera, haha you have a good point. Maybe karma is just not fair or maybe its choosy. lol

    I think right now Im also sitting on the fence on the topic. I have a lot of theories sha but that is def for another day. lol

  8. @ Vera. I don’t understand why anytime the discussion of karma comes up the only example that keeps recurring from the blogs I’ve read is of single girls sleeping with married men.How far now…or is this now the favorite past time of Nigerian single girls. I so don’t get it.

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