Hollywood Shopping event

Before I even start blogging.. This incident right here makes my blood boil violently. I mean common…The man should have his tinker cut off. sighs!

We are going to be doing the hollywood shop till you drop event this month so if you are in the LA area and want to come, I can try to squeeze you on my guestlist. The show is going to have fashion shows, live dj, goodie bags, free massage and makeovers and loads of celebs eye candy. Its always fun, especially the fashion show portion plus you get to mingle. Anyhoo the event is on May 26. For those who cant make it, I promise to try and take a photographer with me this time. It gets soooo busy I can hardly stop to take pictures myself. I am really considering organizing something similar in NIG. Obviously the standard has to be as high and loads of fun…. well just a thought.

On to other things.. I am officially obsessed with Lord of Ajasas music.. He is soo unique and I love how he plays with the yoruba language.. muchos sexiros.. lol.. I can just listen to him all day.. AHH.. if yall have not heard his album, you should pick it up. Or if you wanna hear what he sounds like, you can download the talent dey waste song with him and 9ice from my previous post.

Talking about NIG music.. mehn, I have always said 2face himself cant possibly know how popular he is worldwide. Like I always wonder if he would be like a millionaire if that song was released on the US…. anyhoo proving my point, yet again.. lol.. ( I love being right) A friend sent me this link on you tube and Im like awwww dats hot!.. but ALAS! there is more… My fav rendition is the little boy with the guitar. I cant wait to do some amebo.. lol.. errr sidenote: Wsup with this Blak Jesus character..is it me or is he turning into an overnight internet superstar. Next thing I know ill be watching him on VH1 or is it Echannel. You know that program that talks about internet videos.. lol.. that will be a trip..
Anyhoo enjoy

and another one…

and another one…

and yet another one…

and yet anoooooother one….

and of course.. lets not forget the original version…

I wonder who the next Nigerian Superstar is… I think I have an idea..

20 thoughts on “Hollywood Shopping event

  1. Sweet Jebus, Joseph & Mary!!! aww no! that evil rapist man terrosist molester is HELLA wrong on so many levels. I hope he really gets IT. Upon the fact that he changed the direction of this poor girl’s life, he is now humiliating them with a morally difficult decision. I mean SERIOUSLY!! I’m sure the poor lady needs the money but dayum! SERIOUSLY?!! I pray she makes a decision she can live with for her daughter, herself and our community. Lawd it’s in Your hands now.

    On a lighter/different note, I wld kill to be @ the event. As a fellow Angeleno and naija babe, it makes my insides feel all tingly and ish when babes are on a diff level and do wonderful things, most esp in this town. Too bad I can not be there. Would have totally stalked you to add moi to the *VIP* G.List too LOL… no worries sha, I’m sure there will be more?!

  2. Honestly, reading dat article makes me want to kill dat ass hole and dat IPO or whoever he is with my bare hands. I’m so glad dat d woman wasn’t blinded by d blood money offered to her. And to think she’s a mere petty trader, she’s in a even more desperate situation. I’m glad she decided to press charges, it’s about time naijas like dis r heard. D criminal justice in dat country really sucks and i hope d incoming govt does something drastic about it. It’s a BIG joke!

    As per 2face’s song….men, i love d first rendition. He’s such a lil’ cutie and got great voice. Ol’ boy, se na mi abi what’s with d sudden interest of dis latinas/filipinos with 2face’s song? Abi dem no like Marc Anthony again?
    As for Blackjesus, i don talk am say d boy dey popular than OBJ nowadays. D dude even has his own myspace page. Have u heard his version of Mims’ Dis is why i’m hot?

  3. Its amazing how much Tu Face is loved…good for him. And i also notice its a particular race too…
    thats all loving him up like this.

    Good for him o jare!

    Meanwhile, all rapists deserve to be in hell.

  4. this is just so sad! i hope that man wont go unpunished! imagine the policeman advising the mother to take the money!!!!!!. we have become too money obsessed in Nigeria, yes poverty is sad, but when i read things like this it makes me weep so bad, people morales are like so low!

  5. Talking of ‘budunk’, TP, when u wan post your budunk pics here, abeg take different angles and poses o. lol 😉

  6. Im thinking that tuface rendition is not for a class project. considering the simmilarity in race and other factors lol. Well i wanna come to LA for your fashion send me a ticket. later

  7. @a.mimi – awww thats too bad. Well maybe next time. I may have a few more shows coming up in LA.

    @wienna – yeah I did get to watch all of them in fact. The guy is a trip. lol. with his corolla. haha

    @my pokin mate.. lol.. so you finally decided to leave a comment huh? A ticket huh? ok call my PA. Ill leave her instructions to fly you down first class.. but you know wot they say.. nothing is free in America

    Per the rapist, they should castrate him. no exceptions

  8. that man deserves worse than death, how dare he offer money to “forgive”his atrocity? I swear to goodness so many predators are lurking freely in naija, and our judicial/penal system just enables them. Imagine the IPO giving such stupid advice, he should be fired

    Can’t believe tuface is that popular worldwide, but aa good number of them seem filipino/polynesian/asian… when they play it themselves i do hear the ukelele sound in the original version

  9. @mr.finboy – ahh not as much as I love yours.

    @Kpakpando – well I know for sure he is very popular in Hawaii cos a friend of mine went to Hawaii last year and he called to tell me that they kept blowing up his song on the radio.

  10. The man should be severely punished but i am sure he wont be. I ain’t surprised the police advised her to take the money,cos they must have bn bribed as well. Shit like this happens a lot here.

    2Face’s African queen is da bomb. Love the lyrics, the instrumental, everything about the song. Beautiful song.

  11. Toni, I loved the first boy mehn….he had me falling in love already….I’m sure tuface doesn’t know how much of an international champion he is now…Thanks for the post

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