ass faux pas…

I was on the net during my break and ran into some pictures of Usher and his fiancee Tameka Foster and something caught my eye. Well not like I was really looking at that something but yeah wotever.!.. I noticed that, just like moi she belongs to the NASSATALL club, of which I am a proud member. hehe. Whats the big deal you ask? Well it just helped prove a point I have made over and over again about men and big asses. Now Usher, with the tons of choices he coulda had (big budunk, medium budunk, round budunk, curved budunk, inverted budunk.. lol) choose someone with little budunk.. Yeaaaayyyy for him.. Good Job!. lol.. Just like Mo’nique is for big girls, Im for nassatal girls. So Im proud to say 1 point for us..

I always crack up when my male friends or men in general go on and on about how they love a big backyard. saying things like “wow, if you see that girls ass, I can give her my whole paycheck” Bullocks! I mean the way some of these men go on when they see a girl with a big budunkadunk you would think they would never date anyone from the Nassatall club. Speaking from experience thats a big fat lie, I get hit on more than some of my friends with a big badunkadunk.. lol. Why am I a proud member? well I think its my addiction to True Religion, Seven, Antik Denim and Yanuk Jeans. They are just not made for big backyards.

Pictures are courtesy of Oh BTW. go on the website to read the article. Supposedly she does not get along with his mum and she is controlling him bla bla bla.. If this were NIG they will say she has done him juju.. lmao!

Nassatall member.. ( hehehe I think mine is even bigger sef)

awwwww, ugg boots in spring.. how adorable (hehe)

Disclaimer: there is no proof she has no ass but the picture sure does make her look like it. lol.. anyhoo back to work for me.

BTW: Guess who has a blog.. Stella Damasus.. Nice!!!. Gosh, we should have like a bloggers party and it would be packed and so much fun.. oh yeah, yall should go to Bobby BGT’s Blog. She has some questions up and Im kinda curious to read peoples answers.. The title of the post is Difference.

13 thoughts on “ass faux pas…

  1. well i’ve seen ur ass countless times…… is the fact that ushers babe has a small ass consoling for you?

    its consoling for me sha…..

  2. I have a big bu….. and a great fan fan of seven, citizens and rock and republics. they fit my big bu… well contrary to what you said about

  3. lol@wienna.. err maybe soon

    @june.. all hail the nassatall club

    @anonymous.. but I can bet u partial crack is always exposed. Maybe u fall into the almost medium budunk category but definitly not the big budunk, its not possible. If you rock some dojos for instance it wont even work cos lenght from crotch to top is too short to fit a big ass comfortably.

  4. anytime i see usher and his mum…I mean his mum…sorry his mum…his fianc…I wont complete that word…e dey pain me.Anytime i see them together I…its not my business u got a small/flat ass?nice!whats budunk, dojos learning new words on blogsville everyday

  5. Lol @ Nassatall member. As a member of the “Big Booty Committee (BBC)”, I can tell you that men might be attracted to your booty initially but it’s really about what you have to offer as a person. Flat butt or big butt, if you have it together, they tend to follow.

  6. i can’t stand flat butt…even if it’s toni payne(in da ass)…as per usher, tell im to leave dat baby mama alone (downgrade for him tho’) dem swear 4 dis usher wit older women sef? chei!

  7. lol@ linda.. well Its just not big, I wouldnt exactly call it flat, its portable, I think being a valley girl affected my ass hormones. hehehe, bundunk is ass and dojos are a range of seven jeans.

    @tayo. thank you jare..see someone from the other side just sided with me. lol

    @anonymous.. u again? u no dey taya? Anyhoo the payne jokes got played out back in the early 90’s else I would have laughed.

  8. excuse you… I have a HUGE BOMBOM and I am proud of it… hiss… nastal club now that is some funny ish…


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