Being unproductive is sooo uncool

First things first.. I am considering an airbrush makeup range added to the line so if there is anyone in NIG that is interested in carrying this let me know. Im in the research stage so all feedback, suggestions will be welcome…

So, I took the better part of last week off and I think I got used to it. It’s funny how I’m finding it hard to get back in the swing of things. I literally had to drag myself to my meeting today after talking myself into not moving it to tomorrow. Oh well! Sidenote…My little sis was watching the latest NI episode I taped and she echoed me, I was telling my mum how I had this urge to pull my She called me and out of nowhere said, mehn I just feel like pulling your cheeks. I was like, “get out of here, ME TOOOOO”.. lol..

I just have to share this piece of really gross information. Please if you are eating don’t read. So, I had to meet up with someone this afternoon to have a look at some investment properties. Anyhoo, my nav has this habit of leaving me in the middle of the road especially in areas where the streets are not well defined. I’m going around in circles looking for this place and while driving, I had to stop for on coming traffic, out of boredom, I looked to my left and what do I see? Something that will haunt me for ages!!!!!! A grown ass man taking a dump right in front of an apartment building located on a very busy major street. I’m talking he wasn’t hiding o, at first I figured my eyes were playing tricks on me so I kept staring, asking myself If I could really see the side of his buttocks or was I just tired from yesterday. Well heck, I wish, this was live!

Anyhoo, what made it a bit amusing was he wasn’t alone, he had a partner in faeces dumping. Another grown man is standing next to him holding a roll of tissue and rolling a bit out for the guy, he hands it over to him and the culprit wipes his ass and throws it right there on the ground. He sees me staring and of course I couldn’t resist gesticulating and letting him know he is very nasty. I contemplated calling the cops but figured before they got there the faeces dumping vagabond would be gone anyhow. Anyhoo, sorry to traumatize yall but mehn in Los Angeles, in broad daylight, very close to Hollywood blvd and other major tourist attractions. I was very disappointed.

I think my unproductiveness is turning me into an internet addict or maybe its the other way round. Lately I have found myself surfing places like facebook, myspace, blogs, etc more frequently. At this rate Ill be joining Toni Braxton in her shoe sale.. lol.. Makes me think about people with a 9-5 that surf the web at work constantly. I wonder how much a company loses from such employees especially if they do not know how to multitask. Lets say I was working for a company like Bank of America, if they found out I spend half my time surfing the net reading blogs like mine, would they be justified in terminating my employment? This is assuming I don’t get as much work done as I should?.. oh well.

I wish I could just take a quick picture of my ooooooo sooooo cute press kit. Its pink and blue with frilly ribbons, all nice, makeupy and girly. Hehe!. So Ive decided that Im eventually going to have like a picture documentary on my blog. Pictures of events, shows, parties etc seen from my eyes… not sure when but once I get over my picture taking laziness Ill do just that.

3 thoughts on “Being unproductive is sooo uncool

  1. wat a sight! i dont even want to picture it in my mind……y r u unproductive!!!!!!!!!!! lol! just asking….p.s enjoy every bit of it cos wen work starts rolling in u will have to pause to breathe….

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