must be good to be 9ice..

So I have a new fav artist, actually he has been more like lurking fav cos he became my fav the day I saw him perfrom with Ruggedman sometime last year, out of all the performances theirs stood out the most and I was like ahhh shoot! this dude is no doubt raw talent.. he sorta reminds me of how unique 2face is crossed with a bit of pasuma ( yes I like pasuma, deal with it)… Forget listening to music on the radio or in ur car, mehn the performance was soo spiritual, hehehe I almost had an out of body experience.. ok im soo serious o… hehehe. no lie.. anyhoo I got my hands on the promo video and err a you send it link to two of my fav songs so enjoy.. oo and it has on of my favs, Lord of Ajasa. for some reason, If i hear Ajasa is on a track, im very eager to listen.. dude just cracks me up.. anyhoo watch out for the next issue of naija ent.. its gonna feature a lot of talented artists with 9ice on the cover.. soo echoing on.. “Make them talk, we want to know wsup, idi ti Garri Shey won” yah mehn they should come explain that to us.. hehehehe

9ice feat Lord of Ajasa – Talent dey waste

9ice’s Website – coming soon

9ice & 2shotz – Make them talk

12 thoughts on “must be good to be 9ice..

  1. I have seen you in Lagos before I swear. I know you will not remember me but I saw you in surulere. I will listen to the song now, thank you for the tip. Are you related to 9ice?

  2. @bisi…lol.. did u say hello?

    @jade.. thanks darl

    @vixxen.. sup mama, ill send em now.. 2face is coming to ur end on the 5th I think, Ill try and get u a flyer for that too..

  3. @ jadedjune.. I am not even talking to you till you do what I asked u..

    @excited jade.. awwwww hehehe.. wish you could have felt my blood boiling while reading. lol..and I will update by the weekend. just kinda busy at the moment..

    @pink satin.. yes he is and he just started too.

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