So today I was on myfineboys blog reading his comments when my eye caught a comment supposedly from me, It said “f*** off mr fineboy, who cares.” in regards to the VTech killings… When I saw it, it sent chills down my spine knowing that someone out there thot it was funny to use my name to be soo cruel at a time like this.. I clicked on the name and it went to my profile, omo I did a double take, well I am obviously a blogger so when I do comment my picture will be next to the comment and . So, Im like hmmmnnn.. anyhoo, whoever did it also did it to mrfineboy leaving a comment as him..

It amazes me how someone can be soo stupid, sooo heartless, so childish at a time like this. Its not funny, its not amusing, its not a friggin joke. I’m sure this nimcompoop is probably sitting there laughing thinking he/she cracked a funny. The coward is sitting there hiding behind a computer screen being a jerk in light of this tragedy. Gosh! I just cant understand how wicked, heartless people think. I am not even mad at you but will say a special prayer for you, that our lord God gives you the sense to grow up and know right from wrong.. Anyhoo to cut a long rant short, if I ever leave a comment on your blog make sure its me because there is some childish person out there in blogsville that needs a J.O.B

I am soo sure this jobless person will read this so please do us all a favor and get a life. You are soooo not funny. PS..I have my own theory as to……

3 thoughts on “wickedness

  1. Dang! thats really messed up. Why do some people act like outright morons???…ooops! my bad, they don’t act, they are actually MORONS. Can’t beleive some sick, deluded, imbecile tried to play you like that….That was dirty…really dirty. Guess you said it all babe, whoever did that is a straight up coward.

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