I was going through the Sun news paper like I normally do every morning and stumbled on my name, ok nothing new right? Well kinda, the story wasnt related to me, a lady was being interviewed and when asked about makeup she mentioned Toni Payne eyeshadows as one of her favs…. so of course the day I landed I had to go online to see if it made it to their online version and it did, anyhoo here goes MRS
whats cool about it was I met her at the exquisite event, which is one of the few events I have done in NIG.. Im saying if I did like 20 events a year in NIg the responce would just be too sick. It confirms my theory about where to focus on the most, I know right now its Yanks but mehn when I officially decide to fully get to WestAfric, its gonna be ridiculous. I met some dude at the airport that said I need to come to Ghana and open up and outlet. Im def gonna check out Ghana maybe next year but first stops this year. NIG, then ASIA!

Im really feeling the Sun lol, well not cos of all the love they show me but because they always have interesting stories and their website is updated daily.. Here is another little something something on TP here TP SUN PROFILE the picture is errr lol… never mind sha but all the same Im feeling it…

I really wish I could scan other stuff but we will have to do with things I can find on the web for now.. Oh, I wanted to show yall my future nigeria certificate, its soooo cute.. all green white and green.. loving it.. Im off to lag again next week for Ronke Apampas Stars on the Catwalk show.. Should be fun, in the meantime, Gosh! ive missed Target, Walmart and the grocery store sooooo much. hehehehe.. Allow me to bask in not to humid weather. Whats really strange is, as good as it is to be back, I can’t wait to get back to NIG. I guess I miss complaining about everything around me.

Hahaha, I was thinking, when I eventually do get married, would it be odd if the goodies given out dint ave any makeup… Its only natural my guests get some free makeup right? anyhoo enough of my rambling, I have soo much gist but this friggin flu wont let me sit for too long at a time.

Minx, if u read this, email me with ur number, we have to hook up this time around.

Sidenote: I am not the one to brag but supposedly I have the best eyeshadows on the market. I have always suspected this but an event that occured 2 weeks ago confirmed it… hehehe let me stop jor! anyhoo back to my sick bed. *coughs coughs* *sniffles sniffles*

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  1. LOL, this is wierd, I’m actually in Dallas, will be in Cali next week. Talked to Yetty yesterday and we were talking about u!!! Anyways, look out for that email, ttyl, and feel better, girl.

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