5 days to go and still sick

5 more days to go for the Stars on the Runway show. This show looks like its going to be one of the hottest, most creative, star studded fashion show in NIG till date. I think I forgot to mention that it is also for a good cause, the money will go towards AIDs research. Gotta love it, Im happy to be a part of something so HOT!!… below is a flyer for the show.

Right now my prayer is that I look presentable, cos If i look anything like I look now, gosh! people will take to their heals after seeing me or maybe they will think Im a prop, hehehe, wearing my halloween face. this friggin flu is just terrible, the thing refuses to go away.. Its soo bad that I got into a show for sunday I have been wanting to do in Hollywood and had to bail out last min. and it doesnt help that I have been mad busy the second I stepped off the plane and will be till I step back on the plane. I am pulling a 48 hr work day this week so lord help me that I dont pass out. I cant understand what kind of sickness this is sha, my nose, lips. even eyes hurt. I cant go out without dark shades on cos my eyes are hella sensitive to sunlight, my nose hurts from being touched too many times, my lips are on another level of falling off… I am crossing my fingers that by thursday night I am all better.. If not, you will hear stories of the scarecrow TP that came to the show. hehehehe.. ok maybe not that bad sha but it sure feels like it.

OOO did I mention a few weeks ago, I had a date with an okada guy.. ok maybe not literaly. I actually got on an okada. A few years back, i had attempted to take one but ended up burning myself so I just fashied. this time around I was determined to get on one b4 i leave, so my mate instructed me on proper okada etiquette. “Dont get on from the right side”, she said. ” “Make sure your butt is secure and you hold on to something”, she said, and thats exactly what I did, well im not a pro yet as I dint have to guts to carry a purse or hold anything and lord knows my fingers were probably turning red from holding on to the seat rails so tight. I went for a 5 min joyride and it was loads of fun. Will I do it again? errr maybe! actually, YES!!!!! why not. live and let live right?

Do you ever have a time when u wanna shout something from the rooftop.. hehehe yeah im going through that right now, gosh!.. Im at this happy stage in life and loving it.. wish I could share.. haha

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