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Im really trying to understand why a lot of people out here are sooooo comfortable being dependent on others. I mean where is the pride. I get embarrased to ask my own parents for things talk less of outsiders. Its almost like the in thing to do, people always asking you to send them credit or raise them like WTF.. If I can bust my ass why cant you. I am no ones money bag o. Dont get me wrong o, there is nothing wrong with being generous but the way some of these folks demand things, like they were there when you were busting your ass, or like they gave you the mula to hold.. it amazes me.

Now the one thing that irks me are people I call obtainers, you know you always gotta “leave what you are wearing” with them. The first thing that comes to my mind is, errr if I did not want it myself I wont be wearing it, and of course they turn it into a fight if you say no. Im getting to a point where im echoing 2face “as you see me so, I no send you o”… Gosh! in fact, next time im in town im gonna prints shirts that read, “dont ask me for shit” in different styles and colors. I don taya.

I get scared to leave the house from fear of being obtained of my fav shirt, glasses, shoes, etc. I feel like one day ill come back home in my undies. lol. Im sure if some can get the undies off your ass they would. back to the credit talk, I have a new rule, if you ever ask me to send you credit, ill flash you every day, 3 times a day for one week. Gosh!.. The funny thing is its never the people closest to you, its always some third type of party type of person.

Im finding out that living abroad equals money tree in your backyard cos automatically when they find out u r from away they always think you have some money to give them, mind u these folks may be holding more than you. I tell you… They want me to go bankrupt cos they wanna talk to some person. hahaha the funniest thing is the people that ask you for credit wont use the credit to call you.. lol. The least they could do is call and say thanks for the credit, iro o, you wont hear from them or better yet, they will flash you when they wanna talk.

Anyhoo Im not being nice to anybody anymore, im leaving this country with all my shit and im not buying credit or raising anybody anymore. I have yaried! In fact im bout to start being very very stingy. lol.

hahaha I just thot about something funny, a lot of people out here seem to have this funny habit of always picking their nose.. now I know why my uncle made my cousin tell everyone to chop knuckle when he come down. hehehehhe

Sidenote: TP is gonna be involved with Ronke Apampas Stars on the Catwalk show in March, Hopefully Ill be there so I can post pictures.

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  1. You are so right with this one, I can relate and its a ongoing, never-changing/ending problem. One has to find a way to not be a victim or one will always be, becus they will never stop harrassing you for things you have earned, half the time they have no idea how much you’ve or love what you have spent on your things, but they want them.

  2. Hi Miss Payne, I was so disappointment at your recent comment on NTA about “Africans doing manual jobs in the UK and in America such as cleaning toilets in nite clubs”. You said and I quote “where is their pride”? You are not a good role model and a disgrace to the Nigerian community. Would you rather they get involved in activities such as credit card fraud? Making such comment doesn’t depict someone that has any kind of common sense. In all honesty I think , you are just plain daft. Simply because they are cleaning toilets now does not mean they wouldn’t have a bright future. Your above comment was very childish and I hope you made your statement based on your lack of experience with interviews.
    Lesson of the day learn to be humble. Good luck, God bless and much success in your future deeds.


  3. Ola, you could have critiqued Toni without calling her daft. I was enjoying you up till the Daft point. Let’s learn to be civil espectially when we are trying to correct/educate others.
    i agree to some point that perhaps her comment about “pride and manual jobs” might sound condescending, however you could have communicated your point wihtout trading insults

  4. Toni,

    Hope you are well. It sounds crazy in Naija. I like the street perspective you usually bring with your blog on Naija. Very funny but real. As to comment made on NTA, did not see so will withold my opinion until I see the clip and see what context it was said.

  5. @set, tell me about it, I don taya. lol!

    @ola, I suggest you go back and watch the show again, seems to me like u were sleeping while watching it, seeing as you misinterepreted my comments. Per the insults u felt the need to dish out at me, Thanks, God bless u… and I’m sorry you were “dissapointment”.

    @angela, thnx lady, some people cant express themselves without being tacky so lets not condemn ola..

    @ladyB darl, how are ya? I will be calling u sooner than u think.. hope u r cool

    -:Toni Payne

  6. ahaha that is so funny, but I think true as well. A buddy went to Nigeria with 5 Timberland shoes, he didnt even manage to bring one back, well he had it on at the airport and some heifer came running to the airport to have him take it off and wear a sandal.. sad innit?

    Ooh well, we shall live. have a great one!

  7. i know oh, i’m guilty of this act i must confess. When me sef dey naija , i dey obtain my sista’s tuff when she comes over. But then she’s my sista right, so it dont matter. Its worse when somebory u dont know from adam or they claim to have carried you when u were little or some crap, asks u for stuff. Its rily funy, but its good , u sef don begin strong ur face for them.

  8. Meeeen, TP….u’re such a razz girl. I so agree with u on d nose picking habit o(yaaaaack). I mean those naija people don’t do it discreetly or even modestly with an handkerchief or tissue. They just dig in straight with their fingers, as if their lives depend on it and in public for dat matter.

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