Exquisite Magazine Tea Party

So it is very official, Toni Payne Cosmetics will be representing at the Exquisite Magazine Tea party this Saturday at the Tiger Tem Tea Room. Exquisite Mag is womans magazine owned by London based Tewa. The tea party was created as a forum to empower women in the field of business etc etc, even though I do not have the nergy to go into details right now, I like the concept. Anyhoo Ill have pictures as soon as I get them.

Boy oh boy, If you look up tired in the dictionary my mug will be right there cheesing at you. I mean I have been working non stop for the past week getting about 3-4 hrs of sleep in between. The one thing I love about it though is my body knew things had to get done so she did not give up on me. Now that I am done with my current project, I feel like passing out. lol. :-

I always get questions about starting a business. The number 1 advice I give people is, if you do decide to take that route please make sure it is something you are VERY passionate about. Reason is, business can be very unpredictable. I have heard horror stories about people giving up everything they have for their business only for it to crumble. I have also heard good stories about people starting businesses with minimal dough and hitting it big. Personally, I think yeah, you can be lucky, but if you are passionate about what you do and are not motivated by money alone, things will come easily to you. Plus those days when things are slow, (you will likely have that in the begining) you won’t feel so bad, you’ll just work harder.

Now, I dont think business ownership is for everybody. You have to know that yeah, you dont have to answer to anyone and you pretty much can set your own hours but trust that your 8 hr days are gone. I have pulled 3 nights straight with no sleep, I would doze on the chair for 5 minutes and jump right back up. Doesnt seem normal, but when you have to get things done, well you have to get things done. Anyhoo, occasionally ill be giving my point of view, from my experience. :-

Flavor of love is over. lol. Gosh!.. that show is just entertaining. Well I am happy he chose Delishis. NY is kinda off, if you know what I mean. Ill have to blog about that later seeing as I am very tired, I will go rest now.

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