Toni Payne Signature Apparel in LAG

Starting next week Toni Payne Men and Womens’ Signature Apparel will be available in Lagos.
Note to ladies who decide to rock this outfit, it is HELLA sexy on so use it to your advantage. Someone asked me how and when she should rock it. I said, well, I rock the tank and bottoms casually, Occasionally I will put on the set, thow on some white pumps and do my mirror dance jamming to some proper music. hehehe.. Yes I dance in front of the Yes it can be worn as casual lingerie, throw on some pumps and you are good to go.
Another lady who got the red and black “FaYa” said it made her feel sexy in a naughty sort of way and her man loved it, she said “It was not too obvious I was trying to seduce him, it made me look very young, fresh and sexy”. Well go on with your bad self.. All hail the creative

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