Dr Phil: Nigerian Scams Segment

I watched the Dr Phil Segment on Nigerian Scams today and the one thing that kept going through my head was how poorly done the show was. First of all, too many generalizations, they only had one side of things and the only Nigerian man they brought on there to talk said a few words that had no bearing to the situation at hand.

The correspondent that they had “Aaron Heselhurst” was VERY irresponsible in his report saying things like “They have got kidnappings, murders, rapes going on all the time in Nigeria by Nigerians” “Its just this ugly reputation that Nigerians can be dangerous”. Ignoramus!.. I’m thinking’ Mr Dumselhurst, are you trying to tell me crime is a Nigerian thing?

Personally, I do not know a single Nigerian that is into fraud and trust me, I know a looooooooot of Nigerians. All the Nigerians I know and associate with are hard working, brilliant people. These types of show, unless they show the two side of the coin, does not do much for the good people bred out of Nigeria. I know these Nigerian fraudsters learned it from somewhere and no matter how much these people try to make it seem like a Nigerian problem, it is absolutely NOT. I have gotten scam emails from all over the world, Nigeria, Malaysia, United States etc.. Fraud is EVERYWHERE, but they wont discuss that.

Now, my take is, if someone I do not know sends me an email saying send me 10,000 dollars and I will put a million in your account and then we can split it in half. If I send the 10,000, then by golly gee I deserve to be scammed. Like duh, duh, that should automatically ring an alarm. Unless your are Santa Clause why choose to dash a stranger so much money.

The women shown on this segment, I kind of felt sorry for because they were obviously desperate for love but common now. I think they were not on the bright side because, first of all I would not be sending money to some guy I met on yahoo chat (like who meets people in chat rooms this day and age of serail killers etc). I mean, he says to send him $750 for a ticket from Nigeria to San Fransisco. Babe, do you homework, what kind fo ticket was that. From my experience flying to Nigeria, unless he was planning to ride in the cargo hold, he would be paying nothing less than a grand. So, you sell your furniture for a man you have never met, rack up a 900 dollar phone bill for a man you have never met, send over 3,000 dollars to a man you have never met. Is it me or is this sounding like maybe it was an expensive lesson she deserved to learn. All this because out of the millions of men in the United States you could not find one that could love you the same way a man you have NEVER met could. Yeye! lol.

Anyhoo let me stop rambling. I did not appreciate the show at all, it was just too one sided and yah Nigerians are not all bad people, if you are going to talk about the small percentage of bad Nigerians, to make it fair, you need to highlight the majority of good ones. Then again it wouldnt make for an interesting show and wouldnt do much for his ratings. Its like me saying all white Americans are child molesters and serial killers or all African Americans are gang bangers or all British people are pedophiles. That would be very ignorant because we all know that is not true.

I hope Dr Phil and his correspondents realize no one country is all bad. Every country has its good and bad seeds.

4 thoughts on “Dr Phil: Nigerian Scams Segment

  1. I didn’t watch the show but what do you expect from a show about scammers? When Dateline does its Predator show, does it show all the good men from America? No. Each show has a topic and they have to stick to the topic. If Dr. Phil ever does a show about Nigeria, then he’ll have to show the good and the bad. As it is, for a show about scammers, I am sure viewers don’t wanna hear about investment opportunities in Naija.

  2. Scammers are everywhere. But, I guess many nigerians are known for that. i don’t know anyone who does it, but at the same time there are many nigerians out there who are involve and it’s not a good reputation for us. I don’t like the fact that there is a generalization, but lets not disregard the fact that there are many lazy, greedy nigerians out there.

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