Driving Under the Influence

First and formost if you know you have been drinking or taking meds and cannot operate a vehicle please do not do it. I had a wonderful thursday night/ friday morning so I woke up feeling energized, happy and pretty much in a great mood only for the rest of my day to end on a not so lovely note

Friday night I went for a job somewhere in south LA, upon arriving at the event I decided I wasn’t feeling it and wanted to leave. Something told me to leave, don’t stay but of course I had to defy my instinct and ended up paying for it. So I stayed at the event and left at about 12:00am, got a call from a friend that she needed a ride from the location so Iwent back to pick her up and we made our way home. After dropping her off, I headed north on the 101 probably at about 1 am. I had my music playing enjoying the drive and 10 minutes to my house I heard and felt a loud boom. My car goes out of control and all I could think about was wow, Ive been hit, straigten your wheel.

I get my wheel straight and finally get my car to stop. Park the car, check for injuries, blood etc. At this point all I could see was shattered glass everywhere, my ear piece was gone, my cell phone flew to lord knows where. I got out of the car shaking like my chihuahua. lol. look back and see a lone car in the center divider facing on coming traffic, walk towards the car and at this point one CHP car is already at the scene.

Now, when the girl finally gets out of the car you could tell she was out of it. She smoked a cigarette and just stands there not saying anything, she pretty much looked like she did not care( this is where my anger management kicked in). So the whole time im looking at her like is this chick for real?

To cut a long story short, for whatever reason, she kept going back into her car for lord knows what, acting really weird. More CHP came, gave her a test to check her alchohol level. One of the officers brought my car over to the side of the road we were on so I went to inspect the damage on my car. My passanger side is totaled and my interior had glass everywhere. The other officers got our info and cleared the scene.

Yesterday morning I called the Mercedes dealer I normally take my car to and they basically referred me to their auto body shop because they do not do in house body work. I took my car in the shop and as I suspected that passanger side will be replaced with a new one. The guy who checked my car showed me skid marks on the back passanger side. Somehow she climbed on my car with hers so her tire tracks were on my car. WOW! This whole thing just reminded me of a VW commercial, one second you are minding your business and the next you dont see it coming but boom!

So this morning I called the number she gave the police and spoke to a lady who claimed to be her mother and basically said the girl doesnt live there, is no where to be found and once she finds her she will have her contact me. She also said the owner of the car (the girls boyfriend) is incarcerated so ermm we do not know if she/he has insurance or not.

I also called the police station and the only information they could give me was that one of the parties involved in the accident was in jail (since it wasnt me I am guessing its her) and the accident was a DUI. The police report will be ready in a few days but all in all, it puts a big ? into my travel plans, because I have to make sure my health is in order first.

So, because someone decided to make the wrong decision friday night/saturday morning I have to pay for it with my time, my health and maybe my money.

9 thoughts on “Driving Under the Influence

  1. girl, thank GOD ur okay. Its pretty sad that everytime we’re on the road, we run the risk of paying for both ours and other peoples bad judgement. Count your blessings it could have been worse.

  2. Thanks girl..Trust me, I am. Looking at my car had me thinking about a lot of things. Im mostly thankful that I did not hae a passanger because it really may have been a different story.

  3. First, so glad you are okay. Make sure you get checked for any minor or internal injuries.. ALWAYS , ALWAYS FOLLOW YOUR INSTINCTS… pele dear

  4. Thank God o. But how come I didn’t know about it? Yeye!!
    That is messed up. Why is it that it’s always people who don’t have insurance, or are of questionable character that cause accidents? Why can’t one get hit by Bill Gates? I’m just joking…it’s not a situation anyone should be in. Instincts instincts never ever lie. Glad to hear you are fine though xx

  5. WOW!!!! Thank GOD YOU ARE OK!!!
    I can just imagine the frustration you are going through. Since it is DUI let’s hope she is arrested and pays for it through the system.

  6. Tseshe.. dont mind me o..I got kinda busy trying to sort everything out. You know my anal behind was frustrated about the insurance thing. See mumsy yelling that I need to worry about my health and not who will fix my car.. Soon as I heard her boyfriend was in jail, I was like oh great!. How much worse can it get. lol.

    @ bella and adaure. thanks ladies, boy oh boy well the girl did not get away thank God, Im kinda anxious to get the police report because the officer I spoke to was vague and all he would tell me was it was a DUI and one of the parties is in jail.

  7. thats a right horror story. i’m glad to hear that you’re alright first and foremost. i shudder to think of what might have happened.

    hope you’re well…

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