Fashion show gist and pictures

I attended the Oni Ent fashion show this past weekend and I had a lot of fun. Well first of all, the best part of the show was working with the models. They were all so down to earth, helpful, fun girls.

I spend the most of my time on my feet doing makeup so I did not get to watch the show till the end. In all honesty, I did not think I would even have the time to walk after my showcase. lol. Anyhoo 20 minutes before we were supposed to go on I just had to drop the brushes and change. Thats what I get for trying to be superwoman.

I kept asking myself, “Toni, how are you going to showcase and do makeup for the same show” needless to say I pulled it off, and did so with flying colors. The show was a great success, the ladies looked great and I heard my showcase was the talk of the show. Hooraaaaaaaaay for me!. lol So, I got to work some beautiful ladies for the show but the lady above had such great bone structure I wish I could have spent all day on her. lol.. I kept the makeup subtle and higlighted her lids with wonderful mellow shade of blue.

This lady here was just really pretty in person and she sorta reminded me of a black barbie doll. I went for the fun, funky, barbie doll look based on her outfits. Great smile too huh? YUP!..

The picture above is of a model rocking the Toni Payne signature tee.. A must have, I heard!. I did not get to take any personal pictures because I was backstage but Oni promised to send me more photos. When he does they will be available on the Toni Payne Online website events page.

The models above did the “behave” routine from the JT sexy back song. At this point I was wishing I had a video camera because they were sooooooo on point. He is rocking the signature tee and looked mighty hot in it. She was rocking the Signature Sexy Tank & TP Shorts. Seeing as it is almost midnight and Im kind of sleepy I will have to explain the cool thing about the outfit she has on later.

I had fun in Houston, met a lot fo great people at the show and after party. I am still wondering about the mystery guy that was looking for me. lol. I am looking forward to the show I have this weekend. Someone asked me if I was willing to do weddings on short notice. The answer was ” I wish I could but I get sooooo busy you will definitely need advance booking, sorry”

FYI: I will be visiting Lagos for a few events in October. I have a few gaps between my schedule so I may decide to do some work in the makeover department. Advance notice is a must. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Fashion show gist and pictures

  1. Miss TP….u r just tooo talented!
    Girl…the makeup loooks soo good!
    I am proud of u chica! keep doing ur thing!

    where can I buy some TP makeup? is it hypoallergic cause my skin is so sensitive…let me know girl!


  2. Yetty darl.. Thanks jare, wish u coulda been there though..

    Lady Bella..thanks a whole lot. appreciate it. For sensitive skin I would recommend Element5 because it is all natural mineral makeup. per where to purchase, if i do not have a retailer near you then you can purchase online.

  3. Hey Toni,
    I think I saw an ad of yours in City People or some Nigerian mag like that. Are you promoting your line when you come to Nigeria? When are where, if you are. Let me know!

  4. @ayoola. Yes maam I am. It is currently available in Nigeria but i hope to come down soon to do some more promoting. If you KIT, Ill definitely let you know when

  5. I want that girl’s cheekbones, abeg!! LOL.
    Anyways, good work Ms.T, be sure to holla @ ur fellow NR-er when u get in town, k?


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