Happy New Year: My New Year Message about ToniPayneOnline.Com in 2016

happy new year 2016Welcome to 2016. With my 1st post of the year on Toni Payne Online, I would like to wish anyone reading this a wonderful 2016 and beyond. Wisdom and greatness awaits us.

2015 was a fulfilling year for me and I am extremely grateful for that. I got the opportunity to achieve a lot of goals I set for myself. My personal website ToniPayneOnline has transitioned a lot over the years. I think it has somehow followed the path of wherever I am in life. Right now I feel like I have reached a point where I am extremely satisfied with its direction and the only thing left to do is keep growing and keep getting better.

I did a lot of poetry in 2014 so in 2015 I wanted to single out words. I wanted to shorten my poetry and select words that will inspire. This led to one very important goal that I set for tonipayneonline.com, and that was to do more Quotes. In 2015 I decided to change the focus of the website to use more positive words with the occasional funny quirky posts. I have to say, I did just that.

I know the path I have decided to thread is not the most popular path, it may not get me 1 billion hits like maybe gossip would, but it is a fulfilling path for me. Being able to focus on more positive posts somehow helps to keep me grounded while helping others. I know how certain quotes and articles have helped me when I needed it most. My goal is to inspire or help others the way those words have inspired or helped me.

In 2015 I did better than I thought I would, posting more quotes in 2015 than I have done the entire lifetime of the website. I also redirected the focus of the websites official Instagram page @TONIPAYNEONLINE to reflect my plans for the brand and the site. I was able to inspire and motivate while staying true to myself. This to me was all I needed to know that I can do it. You can feel free to check out my website IG page – this is not my personal Instagram however, I created this account strictly for my website.

2015 is what I call a prelude to the greatness that will be the Toni Payne Brand. It was the time I spent laying a foundation for what my heart wants. It was the time I stuck to my guns and did not allow myself get pressured into following trends.  It was a time I bothered less about popularity and focused more on self worth. It was a time I spent doing a lot of self discovery, making mistakes and quickly fixing them. It was also a time I learned a great deal about patience. It was a time I learned more and finally met the woman I wish to become in the future.

2016 will be a continuation and solidifying of these goals. In 2016 I will continue with my poetry and I will continue writing quotes. What will change is I will write and podcast more. I also wish to write more short stories. I want to write more in dept articles about things that randomly pop into my head. I will write about self-esteem, beauty, cars, how to’s – just general everyday things I wish to share.

In 2016 I will also focus more. I am a typical Aries and we want to do it all. I will focus on not doing it all but doing the what I can as best as I can. Knowing the type of person I am, I am sure I may add to these goals. lol. What I will not do is overload myself. 2016 is about quality – not quantity.

I have always wanted to write a lot about love, relationships and partnership. I will definitely put more effort into these. I have even created a category for it HERE. We do not know what the future holds but these are some of my goals for tonipayneonline.com in 2016 and I hope and pray I follow through.

Again welcome to 2016. I bid you come along with me on this journey and I hope somewhere down the line you are inspired too. – xoxo TP

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