How to Lose a Woman in 10 days . 10 easy steps to make her break up with you

how to lose a womanThis post is done in the name of fun. I am not asking anyone to try these methods but if you do let me know if it worked. haha ok just joking. I was thinking, do men know some of the things they do that could make a woman lose interest. I personally believe that, except she is just very troublesome, woman don’t nag just because they feel like it. Certain types of actions will obviously get certain types of reactions.  I reckon most men don’t see this because if the woman complains they call her a nag. Anyways let me get to it. Listed below are 10  easy steps to drive your woman away… Enjoy!

1. Ignore Her: This is a no brainer. Women naturally love attention and most love it most from the person they call their partner. Have you ever noticed how, 20 people could be giving a woman attention but it may not even matter if that one person she cares for isn’t? So fellas, if you wish to push your lady away. Stop giving her attention.

2. Be Insensitive: Your lady comes home after a long day and says she had a bad day. Your response “please go and cook me some food.”.  There is no “baby sit down and tell me all about it”. They say woman like bad boys, yeah maybe to have great sex with but a real woman loves her man caring and considerate. So if you wanna tell her its over just start being insensitive.  

3. Put her down: Yes o!  in fact, when her friends come over, compliment their nice apple shaped behinds. Tell them how much sexier they are compared to their friend, who is your lady (makes sure you do it in front of her). Let her know how stank her morning breath is, how lazy she is even if she is working hard.  Tell her, how horrible her food tastes. Compliments should be far from you if you wish to push her away.

4. Cheat: Do I really need to explain this one? Well this right here is the fastest way to push her away. If you want to make it even more dramatic, be dumb enough to leave clues of your infidelity where she can find it. If she is FBI enough (and most woman are), she will find the clues, put two and two together, and even if she doesn’t leave right away, say goodbye to peace in that relationship.  Note: Some may ignore your cheating antics. If you know you have overdone it and she doesn’t say a word and is still with you, be careful because chances are, something is either brewing or someone else is making her happy.

5. Do not be attentive: This also falls kinda under ignoring her but its a little bit more complex. Ill give you a scenario. Girl: Baby I got a raise at work today. Guy: watching sports huh? yeah yeah. Girl: Baby did you hear me, I said I got a raise at work today, aren’t you happy for me? Guy: still watching sports ehh yeah yeah, I am.  end of conversation Girl walks away feeling bad. …  So fellas if you are no longer interested, just ignore her, don’t care about what she has to say and please do not listen.

6. No Romance: Ah this culprit is right up there with cheating. There is nothing more disastrous than a man with no imagination in the how to love department. They are so dull. They are the ones who will propose to their lady by simply saying ” will you marry me or not” No dramatic proposal, No romantic gesture. No down on one knee. Nothing!. These guys can be classified as proper bush men. So if you know you are not ready to keep her. Please don’t bother with flowers, romantic notes, hand written cards, romantic getaways, those phone calls and text messages just to say I love you. Don’t do it because if you do, she may want to stay.

7. Be an El’ Cheapo: I am not saying you have to buy her a private jet or a brand new Bentley, afterall its the thought that counts. No matter how much some may pretend that they do not mind, fix it Jesus! no woman likes a stingy man. Its a bad habit. So if you know you have no interest in the babe, 1 penny of your money should not go to putting a smile on her face. In fact allow her spend her money everytime you go out.  Offer to “go shopping” with her and when it is time to pay, start looking around and throw in a whistle.  She will get the message fast enough. Providing the sole reason she is with you is not out of desperation, I can assure you she will be gone before you can say, how much is…

8.  Care more about your male friends: So your lady spends all day cooking your favorite meal, setting up a romantic table, even going shopping for a new lingerie so desert can be a bit spicy. winks.  Then you call her to say you cant make it because a certain Adam invited you out with the boys. Sweet lord! Besides not seeing the fire coming out of her nostrils because you are on the other end of the phone (yes shit like this can turn a woman into a fire breathing dragon),  be rest assured that you have in your hands a very annoyed lady. So if you know you are tired of her ass, keep this up and in no time she will be cooking those meals for someone else.

9. Those boring BB chats: If you don’t have anything to say, don’t start a chat. If you are not good at chatting, call. If you are busy, say so. Boring BB chats are like sticking pins into your feet. Painful to tolerate. So if you have no interest in her, just lol through the chat or give one liners to her 10 liners.

10.  Play Games: Some men are champion game players and I don’t mean soccer. If you no longer have interest in your lady, mind games work well, not only to confuse her, but to make her lose interest. A mature woman seldom has time for silly high school games, so if you are still playing them chances are she will drop you to look for someone with the same level of maturity as her.

When all else fails.. simply tell her to buzz off, cos you are no longer interested. lol.. and if that one too fails, you know some women are die hard, how about you accept that you have found a woman who truly loves you irrespective of your bullshit. Maybe, just maybe, it would make more sense to aspire to treat her right and live happily ever after.


18 thoughts on “How to Lose a Woman in 10 days . 10 easy steps to make her break up with you

  1. This is funny yet true. I broke up with my last boyfriend because of reason number 8 and 9. He just got boring for me and I had to end things. I am now with someone more compatible with me. Nice write up

  2. I should add to my lol that some woman are also guilty of all you have just shared. I once dated a lady who was as dry and bonga fish, you could not hold a decent conversation to save her life, coupled with the fact that she was horrible in bed. She would just lay there and let me do all the work. If i suggest a different position, she whines and complains. I dropped her like a bad habit. btw; I love your write ups. I am a big fan if yours from Ghana.

  3. This is why I love you tony. Brilliant execution. Seamless read. Humorous and to the point. Men should take note.

  4. what happens if it is the woman doing these? should the men stay or leave? i as a man cant take this from any woman.

  5. Toni,exactly my point wen I was confused with someguy. Hje was faithful but too boring to d extent of putting me off all tym.Now,I’m beta with a more promising guy…

  6. OH…..No.1 does my head in. If i love you NEVER ignore me. Hurts!!!!!
    Then , yeaa a stingy man……ive had my experience in this department. Lessons learnt.
    Nice one Mummy Z

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