Who is Toni Payne? Even google search is confused

toni payneWho is Toni Payne? Even google search and google knowledge graph is confused!

Without sounding like a sour puss, I decided to do this post because I think it is very necessary to address this topic before I can fully re-brand. I have been building the Toni Payne Brand since 1998 and It had evolved a lot since. I have busted my butt and worked super hard. I started out in Entertainment, continued on to the cosmetics industry, touched on the fashion industry and rotated myself back to entertainment and Inspirational Speaking. Right now, Toni Payne, career wise, as I know it is an Inspirational Speaker, Poet, Writer and Entrepreneur.

Unfortunately when you search me in google, you do not see much of that to start with. When my google knowledge graph pops up, it baffles me to see how the information on there is so far from who I am and what I do. My google search result is pathetic to say the least. This is me being 100% honest here.

I feel this is because I had the “fortune” of being popular in a country where for the most part, you can write or say anything about someone without being accountable for it. Those who were desperate for news – true or false, somehow controlled the narrative for so long with a whole lot of false information. There was no balance in reporting so finding things about my work require very specific search terms. ie – Toni Payne Quotes. Simply searching Toni Payne bring up what I call a hot mess – lol.  For me it is extremely irritating to see but hey, that’s what I have to deal with. It is easy to say it happens everywhere but if I google Kim Kardashian who I think gets a lot of media slack, you will still find in the forefront, information about her work. This is because there is balance in reporting. So as some report the not so favorable, others balance it with the facts.

Cause and Effect

So here is my theory. All the factors I listed about had in turn put what Toni Payne is about in the back, and brought forward things that are not relevant to me or my brand. Most being lies and misleading information. Of course negativity sells so they get a lot of hits on their site, true or false, google ranks them high due to this factor. Is it frustrating? Yes! Will I do something about it? Yes! As I write this today, I have already started working towards changing the narrative so people know who Toni Payne really is. Not information from some desperate blogger who simply wants hits on their site so they put up a lot of false, misguided information. It will take a lot of hard work from me and of course a lot of writing and staying away from the eye view of those who caused the problem in the first place.

toni payne tv showWhat Does Toni Payne Do?

It is actually very simple. Currently Toni Payne the career is:

  • An Inspirational Speaker – I mentor people, mostly young ladies looking for direction in life or dealing with touchy issues. I also use my Podcast and Website to address certain topics. I do speaking engagements and also one on one consulting/mentoring.
  • A Celebrity  Life & Relationship  Consultant – Sometimes you just need someone who understand to help solidify those things you know are right for you. The right words and actions can help set you along the right path – and that is what I do. I consult with celebrities and individuals about getting in tune with their spiritual side and using it to help change themselves for the better. I mentor younger ladies and gentlemen about how to handle their love lives. I also consult about general life issues.
  • A Writer – I write articles on my website. I do my own authorship so that classifies me as an Author. I have also written for different publications like Les Nouvelles Esthetiques. I have written short stories and I am currently working on publishing my first book. I also write Quotes and Poetry
  • A Spoken Word Poet –  I not only write poetry, I also recite them. I have released a Spoken Word Poetry album titled – I am Osha – it covers a variety of topics from Relationships to Self Love.
  • An Entrepreneur  – I have been doing business for as long as I can remember. I started my first business (which I still run) at 17. I don’t think I had a lemonade stand but I am sure if I had that opportunity I would have. I currently run three companies that I am very happy and content with, and as time goes on, I hope to grow and add more to it. My passion is in entertainment so the ability to fuse entertainment with helping others is a dream come true. I always joke around that one day I will have my own show on Oprah’s Own Network – but hey you never know, it could become a reality if I stay consistent.
  • An Entertainer – In essence when your life is out there you in turn become some type of entertainer. How I have chosen to entertain now is by helping others keeping them informed in a fun way.

An these are the things I think should concern the general public. These are the things that are relevant to the scope of things.

Toni-PayneMedia Brand Diversion

The Toni Payne brand was diverted greatly due to certain associations. Unfortunately the internet is not very forgiving and google will crawl what people put out there true or false. Let me just say to anyone reading this, when you click on a website sharing false info about a person, you are helping contribute to their narrative. With every click, their ranking gets higher and the machines at google cannot tell if it is relevant information or not. All they know is that people are viewing it, so it must be relevant. Also, when you are popular in a nation where there is no accountability and some see tearing you down as the means to an end, your fight will be harder. This is where staying strong and persistent comes in.

My popularity in {Nigeria} took the brand from what it was originally known for  to something that I feel was never relevant to the scope of things. It took all my hard work and made it “other information.” This sucks considering the work I have put in but life happens. When a country in which your brand is most popular feels it was more interesting to write about irrelevant personal matters than the actual work and person, what do you do? You either keep dealing with it and putting in extra work, or re-brand elsewhere. I have chosen to do the later.

My challenge is I have been thrust into this world of “celebrity aka public figure”. I am not a singer or actress where my work would be popular regardless. I thread the line of positivity as an Inspirational Speaker and Entrepreneur and that may not get you as many views as gossip. So in turn google bot go, yeah this is cool but this is more popular so it must be more important when in actuality, it really isn’t. Is it frustrating for a budding entrepreneur? It can be. Am I the only one going through this? No. I may just be the only one speaking up about it because that is who I am and it is what I do. I speak!

Controlling the Toni Payne Narrative

What do you do when you get steered in a direction you do not appreciate? Change the narrative! You may not be able to control what others do or how they wish to portray you but you can control how you portray yourself and at the end of the day, those with a false narrative will eventually move on to something else and you are left with your name and your image to worry about. For this reason, you have to own it. You have to ignore the false information out there and simply shine your light on who you really are.

Toni-Payne-2Hello My Name is Toni Payne and It is Nice To finally Meet You

So the easiest way to do this is to cull from my website bio but before I do that here is what I would like to say. If you wish to find out anything about Toni Payne, before you click any negative, suspicious looking headline, come here first. I am an open book. I have an Instagram page  that I update often. There is nothing a Nigerian Blog can tell you about me that you can’t find here – well except it is made up for their web hits.

I will also make an effort to start posting on here RELEVANT BLOG POSTS ABOUT ME.. If a blog writes about me and I feel it is factual, I have no problem sharing it with you all. As I spend the next few months rebuilding my brand and changing the narrative back to what it originally was, I cant help but feel a bit of disappointment that I even have to go through this in the first place, and then relief that I at least have this opportunity to change things around.

Believe it or Not Toni Payne Has Been in the Entertainment before Any Controversy

The video below was from me hosting a TV show in 2006 – This was 10 years ago. So people who assume I never hustled in the entertainment industry outside of what the Nigerian Blogs choose to write are so misinformed. Even before this show was taped, entertainment has been a part of my work life for 2 decades.

toni payne 5My Official Bio


A link to my official bio can be read HERE. It will have every update as I progress with my work and career.

Signing off

Well they say, if you do not toot your own horn, who will? If you keep quiet through people spreading irrelevant information about you, the world looking in may just think that is all you are about. People know what they see and if you do not put the good out there, they will not see it. I have chosen to continuously write my story until I get my desired result and you should choose to write yours too and if google still feels the false irrelevant information is what should be on top, then at least you know you have tried your best.

Remember, those who choose to read or write about you ONLY when another name is involved where never for you in the first place. I am super grateful to the true fans and the media people who have actually put in extra effort to make sure my true story is told. We are in this together and I promise to never disappoint yall.


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