Products of Misogyny – Poetry about Life and Misogyny by Toni Payne

Products of Misogyny  (Men who hate women & Women who hate women)  – Poetry by Toni Payne

What do you call a place, where a woman takes the blame?
A man is caught on top of countless women but it couldn’t have been him who cheated.
Without any proof they cast the first stone.
A she in their world is guilty until proven guilty.
A woman couldn’t possibly be innocent.
A man sows seeds it still can’t be him.
The evidence is there, but still, it has to be she.
Their denial runs deep because they are blind to see, that they are products of misogyny, it’s so bad, you see.
Like a boomerang it comes back a reflection of who they are.
Sons of women, they bring down women, forgetting a woman birthed their very existence.
Misogyny that is deeply rooted, it burns in their veins.
So bad it is yet they fail to see, their problems run deeper than the abyss.
Blind to reality even the women join in, a slave to misogyny forgetting they could have been she.
The problem with them is even creepier; they lack the esteem to stand as a unit.
To feel among and belong they sell their birth right, no hope for them to be women with their own minds, standing united in their own right.
They feed off hearsay, they wish to be noticed, to be seen as pure they castigate their own breed.
Products of misogyny, they reason like fools.
What do you call a place with people brainwashed, not even realizing that they have been touched, misogyny runs deep, it has become the air that they breathe.
What a man can do a woman can’t do better; it’s the way that they reason no passes for her.
Give a man a sin, it wouldn’t really matter, how dare he be a Zero in their world the penis makes him a Hero. Knowing if it was a woman, their court of public opinion would be quick to crucify her.
Seemingly testing her cool, she watches stupidity having it’s day and ignorance, clearly on display.
Even as she tries to school them, she knows they are hopeless, products of a failed system, their words don’t make sense.
They think that they move her, she finds them amusing, a day in the jungle, they gather like animals, they think they are funny, she’s thinking, subliminal.
Their low self-esteem brings about the need, to put others down for one day of retweets.
But who are we to blame?
A system that didn’t educate them, a sense of reasoning they have not, that’s why they believe they make a mockery of she, when in fact all she sees is their lack of integrity, their lack of culture, their lack of upbringing
because in their minds it’s cool to be mean.
A lost generation, with nothing better to do.
Who are we to blame, the misogynist in them? Or A system where Patriarchy has failed them.
They call her names because they want to break her, but with each name she became stronger and tamer.
She now understands them a little too well.
A sense of pity for who they became.
A sense of pride that she isn’t them.
who is winning?
You ask me?
The intelligent ones who understand what it is, like she, they sit back and watch irritated, as products of misogyny disturb their space elated.
They stand in a circle, hands intertwined, head held high..
A thud and a thump they break up the crowd, yelling loud and loud…
Dreamers! Please go figure it out.

Products of Misogyny - Poems about Life and Misogyny by Toni Payne


  1. Kemisola

    Intelligent to the core. This is why you are my role model. Great job again

  2. Anonymous

    Anybody that beef you beef themself

  3. Kola

    Nice work ma’am, permission to share on my blog

  4. First time here

    U r gifted pls keep it up

  5. Carol

    Toni, I have been following your poems for quite some time now. You should do more of this to create awareness about topics that plague us in the country. Nice job on Misogyny.

  6. Olaribidesi

    Comment…Thanks, Payne. You will reign.


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