SideChick Who? Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran Share HOT Kiss [PICTURES]

karrueche chris welcome 1

karrueche chris welcome 2
Breezy and KTRan share Hot Kiss; please do not ask me how I know the temperature of the kiss, but it looked like about 98 degrees.

So a few days after his release Chris Brown is back in the arms of his sidechick girlfriend Karrueche Tran, who by the way I always struggle to spell her name so I end up breaking it down in syllables (not relevant to the info, but I digress. lol) How is this piece of information important you ask? Well, hell, I do not know either. They look cute together ¬†and I totally felt like sharing. She threw him a surprise welcome home party with a few friends invited. Does a side chick do that VH1? Haters! 8side eye* haha I keed. I’m still teamRIRI though but judging from the looks of things, maybe they were better off apart after all *runs out of here crying and tearing my shirt in acceptance*. lol. Enjoy more pictures and that hot kiss below. karrueche chris welcome 3 karrueche chris welcome 4




Photo Credit: Instagram/Karrueche

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