What is Happening to V. Stiviano? Is she going all Philosophical on Us


The woman behind the Donald Sterling scandal, V.Stiviano is obviously not happy about peoples perception of her. The past few days, the model turned conversation leaker has been on social media showing us that she can be “deep”. She posted a series of artsy pictures with captions that come of like she is the deep thinking, artsy type. Maybe she is but, Stiviano haters were not having it because they saw it as an opportunity to bash her some more. Life must really be hard for her because I┬áthink she is easily the most hated woman in America right now. I wonder if she has any remorse about recording the conversation with Sterling or she is still trying to milk it for what it is worth. Maybe I should ask her. lol. Anyhoo, she also posted a disturbing picture with her standing with a gun to her head with the following caption
vstiviano instagram 2

“I’m waiting..?” “You don’t have to kill me, I just shot myself.” Have you ever been to war with yourself, and lost? A battle half lost, it’s a battle half won! “And then many things became very clear… we learned perfectly that the life of a single human being is worth millions of times more than all the property of the richest man on earth.” ” There is no other definition of socialism valid for us than that of the abolition of exploitation of man by man.” #ErnestoGuevara #CheGuevara “I know you are here to kill me. Shoot, coward, you are only going to kill a girl.” #vstiviano #speaks #through #che #cnn #abc #nbc #crown #publishers #randomhouse #penguin #publishing #books #thewallstreetjournal #losangelestimes #latimes #newyorktimes #nytimes #newyorkbestsellers #chicagotribune #washingtonpost #thenewyorker #timemagazine “Just when you thought you change the world, the world change you.” @vstiviano #vstiviano

Her haters went in with some going as far as asking her to go kill herself. I know the girl did dirt and I don’t like her character much but I also think fan-imies go a little to far. Some of the comments on her page made me cringe like how are you better than her with these words coming out of your head. It was that bad. Anyhoo before than she has posted this picture with this caption;
vstiviano instagram

“RELAX IT’S JUST GUM-BALLS” When everything seems to be black and white in your world, remember you have the option to make it brighter. How and what you do when your at your lowest point in life, is a true testament of character. Its not what you do, but in fact what you don’t do, that ultimately defines what you’ve done with the circumstances the world has given you. I decided to turn my blacks and whites into classics. I will one day look back at my time line and say I had the great privilege of being around many great people, who’s first encounters with the world were through television in black and white. When I do speak of the people whom have touched me, I will touch my heart-rolodex and say with so much LOVE I’ve been there and I’ve done that, I knew them and they knew me too. And because I am grateful for this amazing life that GOD has given me. I can take it upon myself to quote them, because they too were my friends. I will smile and just pounder on how I turn everything in to a classic moment, without even, winning an OSCAR. No one can take that away from me, even if they tried.
Thank you for always being there for me and for always being an amazing mentor. I will for ever miss you. #VStiviano “I just look and see how far we’ve come” – #MayaAngelou

Whats up with her tagging all the media houses though? Isn’t she getting any more attention from them? Le’ Sigh. On the flip side, mean fans can turn you into a philosopher cant they? lol… Poor V.

Photo Credit: Vstiviano/Instagram

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