Dare to Question Love: Spoken Word Love Poem by Toni Payne New Audio

Dare to Question Love: Spoken Word Love Poem by Toni Payne New Audio

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Dare to Question Love: Spoken Word Love Poem by Toni Payne New Audio

When love goes wrong whose fault does it become?
I guess it doesn’t matter cos the fact is it’s gone.
I asked love for answers but it gave me none.
I begged it for closure but it gave me none.
Isn’t love meant to last forever?
When it doesn’t and your love keeps saying “NEVER”!!!
It leave you hopeless, it leaves you blue, roaming this world, without a clue.
How sweet it would have been if love was good to me.
Like a thief in the night, it stole my dreams,
Confusion sets in, feels like your world is shattered.
The pain is killing because love left you without answers.
You search your soul, all YOU see is an empty hole. ..
How could it leave without telling you what you did not know.
What you did and did not do.
Leaving you spent, without a clue making u feel like a complete fool.
The silence is deafening, wasn’t it meant to be?
You make excuses; my love must surely come back to me.
Vision of perfection, gives hope for a new day.
It could be a mistake; my love was here to stay.
Deep down inside you know the outcome,
you stretch it and stretch it, you quietly hang on.
You thrive on patience, this is real I tell you.
How could you feel this strongly, if it wasn’t meant for you?
How could it start if it would only break your heart?
You need closure, you need answers.
Your love says never, I won’t give in to your banter.
You ask yourself, if this love wasn’t meant to be, why did it feel so right,
you wanna fight with all your might.
My love must be confused!
You hang on to hope, love can’t be doing this to me.
The promises so sweet, the words still linger,
you hold on in anger, confusion and pain cos love can’t possibly be doing this to me.
Does love Take joy in your pain?
Tears flow like pouring rain.
What did I do, you ask once again.
The silence is deafening, your heart is pounding…
Love says “You are HOUNDING”! Hounding?
You stop to take a deep breath,
how can love treat me so selfishly,
took all my dreams laid them next to me, kicked it in my face,
yet I still longed for its warm embrace.
Holding on so deep, not caring if I look cheap
You look around you, see happy faces, different cases,
you ask yourself,
why is this happening to me?
life so unpredictable, it gives you no answers.
You hear all the banter,
it adds to your pain,
why won’t they just let me be?
You want to shout, the silence is deafening,
how can they hear me,
you feel caged, hopeless, the pain feels endless…
You scream!
but realize,
you are screaming from a sound proof booth, with no one to hear you,
look what love has done to you.
It took you for a complete fool.
You take a deep breath,
with all you possess,
determination sets in to break free,
you tell yourself, yes love has been unpredictable to me,
but its high time I become unpredictable to it.
You compose yourself, dust off your shoulder, though it was hard, it has also made you bolder.
You feel the calm, the silence once more but this time it’s different.
This time it’s pure.
Love is an emotion that can eat at your soul,
if it doesn’t go right it could kill you slow.
You analyze, socialize, magnetize. Then you realize,
the only cure is not in anger,pain, or resentment.
The only cure for a broken heart is time.
For those of us who believe in true love,
we do it all over again,
being hopeful that this time we will enjoy its gains

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