So Surreal

First of sorry ive been MIA, men this internet thing is discouraging, plus i really did not have much to blog about except sappy stuff, and lord knows I wouldnt do that to in seriously, the internet connection here has to be like the slowest ever. Its sooo slow its past frustrating. sometimes I sit here and literally feel like pulling my hair out waiting for one page to load. Kinda leaves me wondering how hard it would be to bring down the same technology used for broadband connections, I dont mean all this fake so called broadband that load like dial up. I mean the real deal, im sure people would pay for it too, sure beats loading a page, going down to cook dinner, eating, gisting, watching half a flick, coming back and the page is still This gives a new meaning to NAWA!..

Anyhoo these past few weeks have been a bit busy, working on plans for next year, im looking at 09 as the year of a fresh start, even thinking about repackaging and rebranding. I had a series of meeting regarding the entire line and where its going. Its funny how some folks dont know that TP is a full range cosmetic line, plus the clothing plus other things. The surprised look followed by the girl what is your problem, why are you not everywhere look always cracks me up. Im a firm believer in Gods time and taking your time to do your homework before coming on full force like that because once you do, you can’t take mistakes back, plus my hope is to be there long term, not just a fly by night this is what is reigning line. Im looking at brand loyalty, you know, once you go TP, you never go back sort of thing.

I remember with my first project, i made a good amount of mistakes and i enjoyed learning from them only because there was no pressure. anyhoo, enough of that talk, lets just say we will be doing a full launch in the coming months, ok more like early next year just to give time for planning, I had december in my head but then I figured too many events around that time so that will more than likely wont work.. I guess the launch is long overdue, but God willing it will be done properly, the way i have always envisioned it in my head with little or no glitches…now that it seems Ive been coaxed into becoming ero naija. I hope the ride will be fun, 2009, is looking like a productive year already, we are working on a few family projects coupled with my TP stuff and his Alapomeji Stuff. Based on some of the things we have discussed and almost finalized I am very excited, I dislike being idle, so keeping busy 24/7 will do me a lot of good. Plus I get what I have always wanted for myself a true family oriented business lifestyle, being very involved in each others work..

Anyhoo let me not bore you, before I forget, thanks to everyone for the congrats, wells wishes, prayers, advice and support. Very encouraging and i appreciate it a whole lotta! Being married to an exposed individual is quite interesting some have asked me, in fact most people have asked how I cope and i honestly tell them with 100% sincerity, there is no such thing as coping. I have always enjoyed my better half and still do, I get enough love to support 10 households so which one is coping hehehehe naija!. Now for some preaching!!!! yeah yeah im trying my hands at being a motivational speaker.. shey ko da ni? lol….Ive learned that knowing who you have, having faith in your relationship, trusting in yourself and your spouse and being confident in yourself will always superceed anything that comes from outside. Word of advice to those coming after me, learn that as a woman, you own your home and it is whatever you make of it that it becomes, if you want a dabaru home, thats what you get, if you want a peaceful loving home, thats what you will get.

I know with my husband even if they dont start right away, people will try, I will hear a gazzilion things that he dint do, he will hear a gazzilion things that I did not do but ive realized the most important thing is having faith in the love we have for each other, even when the devils advocates try to put doubt in your mind, when they whisper in your ears things they did not use their two eyes to see, that love and faith is what will see you through and give you a better understanding of life, people, and motive. even married folks that are not in the limelight can testify to this, believe you me, that will come, enemies of progress will come, bad belle people will come, gossip toters and rumour mongers will come, so far you have a good thing going, you almost can’t avoid it, it could be your neighbour, friend or even sister or even worse some irrelevant twat. its true o, either that or Ive been watching too many home na for real! There really are people like that out there who hate to see a good thing and people who will swear to the heavens they know more about your relationship than you do when in reality they do not know didly squat!

It takes a strong and understanding woman to be wife, yeah that plus knowing what foundation you have layed, knowing who you are with and what they are capable of, knowing where you started from and where you are going, being with whomever for the right reasons (VERY VERY IMPORTANT), (I say very very important because when challenges come that is what will fight for you, I know for a fact when you are genuine and love for the right reasons, God will always stand by you) and most especially realizing that all other things don’t matter. When you look back and forth, you realize once you take those vows, the outside world really doesnt matter anymore, it now becomes about you and that person, there is no such thing as my decision, its now our decision.. shit!! its a whole different ballgame dudes, and it can be loads of fun if you want it to be. My brother in law said to us the other day, after God comes your wife, and after God comes your husband. Simple but deep words and these simple words and what married couples should adhere to, no pastor can pray for you like your spouse can, believe that!!!. haha ok i sound like a preacher. and one last thing, even if you are just dating someone, whatever happens within your relationship, should always stay within your relationship, you never know what intentions the listening ear has, and trust me, not everyone who pretends to care or listen, do, be vigilant without overdoing it and sort things out amongst yourself and communication, I cant stress it, is key….

Anyhoo, enough of that talk, I had fun dating my man, I enjoyed being engaged to my fiancee, and I am having a wonderful time being married to my husband. PS: ladies if you are planning to get married, hint hint, lets say ur boyfie/fiancee is 99% nice and loving, your husband becomes 999% Good luck to all in their respective unions, for those still searching, God will give you a man of your own and not someone elses. Amen. and eheem, to my lovely homegirls U and A, that just God married, you know yourselves The way God has blessed you with your respective husbands, he will continue to do so till your dying day, you will not be a statistic in Jesus name, and he will bless you with lovely, well behaved kids that can come over and play with my kids..hehehehe.. and eheem, pictures o. Im waiting for pictures dammit, and resize b4 u send jor..!!!!!! Sooo now I can confidently not blog for another 2 months.. haha!

FYI: A friend said to me, that they were having a discusion and someone was arguing that its unlike me to have a private affair, lol. well, i am happy to see that i am not as predictable as people think i am, and I plan to keep it up. Sometimes, you just have to grow the hell up and do things accordingly, and contrary to speculations, there was nothing “secret” about our union, after careful consideration, we just opted to have a private more intimate affair and I enjoyed every second of it.. simple as ABC. hey, if JayZ and Beyonce can do it so can we and we pulled it off with flying colors, btw; I’m very proud of me cos I have to admit even till the last few weeks I was dying to blog about it.. and after my whole “hall saga”, i dont even know who opts for huge nuptuals anymore, this was soo much more peaceful. anyhoo if I could do it all over again, I wouldnt change a thing, well except for more time on the dancefloor.. shit I was ready to dance till

17 thoughts on “So Surreal

  1. congratulations. God will bless your union, not may but will including mine. insightful word of wisdom, heaven knows i needed to hear them. thank you.

  2. A bigger congratulations to you again. Seeing as you are on the right track on how to handle your marriage may God continue to give you the strength, courage and wisdom to keep it in order. A wonderful woman in my church always says that we should not have to tolerate or cope with our other half but to enjoy them so no coping is allowed. Full time enjoyment!

  3. ehn ehn, dats wat am talking about,a post finally….. if it takes u another 2months for u to blog…uhmmmm Gongo will so on u o.

    can we know more about the “alopomeji” stuff? it is a clothing line or wat?

    i like all ur advice, u sound like u have been married for years…. Funny T.P

    ur newest fan…….*wink*

  4. congrats. The advice u gave is really on point, because dats what many people don’t know when dating, engaged and then married, so when challenges come, they end up extremely stressed and confused.So, it is important to have a strong foundation from d beginning. I enjoy ur blog a lot, so please try to blog more, cuz i have been waiting forever lol Mrs Akande e ma gbagbe wa. i don’t know if i spelt it right but i dey try.

  5. Congrats.. good advise! Monkey yato si chimpazee frealz. u sure do sound like sum1s whos bn married for All d very best…

  6. congratulations Mrs Tony Akande. God bless your union and great piece of advice. u don’t know me but i am also in the industry so we have met a few times but not officially. next time we see, i will introduce myself. I wish you a happy married life, you managed to catch one of the few good men on the market.

    lest i forget, i heard gist last week that some female reporter was caught on tape saying she wants to help some desperate girl destroy ur relationship, if the story is true u should use her as example to all these other fake reporters. im not surprised b’cos she is known to be wicked like that, so bad that i know people looking for her in nigeria to deal with her plus 90% of her stories are rubbish, i wonder why that paper lets her continue spewing her nonsense on print. someone should really teach her a lesson she will never forget, i remember she wrote something about me about 7 months back that was just lies upon lies. she should retire cos gongo ti so.

  7. Tonipayne…. U just made me cry… Wow, u go gurl, u’re the best. I wish u and ur husband the best, True talk, dont listen to whatever people say about him, cos truly, there r bad pple out there.

    God will always grant u wisdom to see things…. He’s urs for better, for worse.

    Congrats darl…

  8. Finally!

    Love your post and Amen and Amen!

    As a wife myself you could have not said it any better!!!

    Nobody!! likes to see a good union and are willing to do anything to tear it apart!

    Stay faithful strong an PRAYERFUL!

    Proverbs 31:10 A Capable wife who can find her value is far more than that of corals

    Proverbs 31:11 In her the heart of her owner has put trust and there is no gain lacking

    May God bless you with lil cute babies.

    Thank you for your words of wisdom and you would do well as a motivational speaker.

  9. my dear i wish the best but remember this words during trying times.
    The truth is, time will come when things will not go smoothly but be steadfast in prayer.
    Marriage has it sweet and bitter side.
    do not fail to seek advice from more experience couple when u need one.
    May God bless your union.

  10. good know you are enjoying every bit of it… and thanks for the advice…. it surely help me confirm the doubts am having in my head lately… i guess all that matter is what i think and feel for the man i love and i should not worry about what others might say or think.

    Believe me, this advice came when i needed one.

  11. congrats once again. ovbviously you’re on the right track to being a wonderful wife.

    dont worry, you’ll have time to dance till 6am at the naming ceremony of ur baby, whenever that is!

  12. Congrats Toni! Your advice on marriage and relationships is on point. I know it can’t be easy living in the public eye but I can see you’ve got the primary things sorted: the focus is on the love, friendship and trust between you and your husband. Once that foundation is secure, you can overcome any challenges that come your way! I wish you both the very best! I’m sure we’ll be seeing more great things from you in future.


    U are a wonderful person so wonderful things will continually come to you n ur family! I wish you unspeakable joy.. God bless u always!!!!

    Much love!!!

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