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my new found love for home videos has no bounds o.. infact i have to watch at least one a day, maybe its the story line, or the acting, or the comedic fact that when someone gets shot either blood doesnt come out or a splatter of blood comes out and nothing more. I guess naijas are internal bleeders.. hahaha… anyhoo I find them very interesting and would love to direct one someday. Reminds me of a movie I was working on with a friend like 8 yrs back, we had the story line, etc but it just never happened. Anyhoo, Im already starting to have fav actors and actresses, like now if I see a title with Jim Iyke, im inclined to watch cos he cracks me the hell up.. Never really seen much of his movies till now, saw one the other day where he was in love with this chick(kate henshaw) that was being paid by his father to set him straight, anyhoo he would bring her water everyday, sit outside her gate etc etc.. nice movie. and my fav till date was one where he had inherited his fathers wealth and he was just a nasty person character wise, his fiancee dumped him for the house keepers son and he went bizzerk!.. lol.. good actor anyhoo, Oh and now I know who Ini edo is, cute girl. and oh, I came to the conclusion that if there should be an award for best tear shedder male and female it would go to Mike Ezerunyo (not sure of his last name) and Nkiru Sylvanus. Crying in movies seem to be their strong points. there is this actress I also enjoy her roles, i think its Mercy Johnson, in fact Ill start memorizing their names now.. lol.. thanks to AfricaMagic, Im getting my needed fix.. One thing i wonder though is how do they make money with all the pirates everywhere, ha! its not fair sha cos its not like music where you can do shows etc. i hope a solution is found to piracy soon.

Anyhoo. b4 i forget, congratulations to my one and only darling, the suga in my tea..lol.. my inspiration, my ace, on his Nigeria Youth Merit Award for outstanding contributions to youth development in Nigeria. Olenu.. many more to come.. I see an outstanding role model in him, growing up i always figured all musicians where the same. You know they have this bad reputation attached to them but he proved the stigma dead wrong. Now we all know you don’t have to be overly flashy, smoke, drink, carry tons of women and pimp around to be successful in the music business. I learned through him that music fans appreciate you for your work and not other things we have been brainwashed to believe. i know the day is coming very soon when some white kid from Arkansas will google the meaning of gongo aso, or adigun baale..lol. hell, even i have gone back to the old folks in my fam to find out more about my language and roots because of him and trust me i am about as valley as a valley girl can be. Im proud to see a lot of younger folks excited about going back to old school yoruba, that i never even new existed. All we need now is a dictionary and a full translation of his lyrics and we are good..lol with that said, have a blessed week yall..

ps: has anyone seen the mummyIII movie? if so, how was it? We were supposed to see it last weekend but we ended up having a very full weekend… I gotta catch that and Zohan. BTW, whats the best theater in lagos, Silverbird, Numetro or City Mall. We really only go to one but it sucks that their seat arms dont come up if you need it to 🙁


  1. Oropo

    Looks like you are settling in well.

    You are right about your boo encouraging and making the young ones interested in their language and being proud of it.

    You guys keep up the good work and stay blessed

  2. AlooFar

    Yes O, the guy get mouth 😉

  3. oyeyinka

    Nice one that u re having fun.By the way,go see this new movie,IRAPADA (Redemption).
    Its really different from any other Nigerian movie you have seen so far…trust me.

  4. Sola Folowosele

    can wait to “a TONI PAYNE FILM”..may be that will make the much-awaited difference in Nollywood…come o, he dey stay for house at all?

  5. Mz. Dee

    awww… u sound lyk my africa magic TWIN!!

    i’m on 114 DSTV every single day!! lol

    i lurvvvv JIM IYKE?

    i dnt think uve seen Hilary Dokubo.. dat babe sabi cry pass any oda actress o!

    Mercy Johnson and Ini Edo are rily gud actresses!

    kinda lyk rita dominic and kanayo o kanayo too…all d old onez: pete edochie & justice esiri

    i’m talkin too much jo..
    i saw d jim iyke one with kate…it was so sad wen d dad tried to bribe her n everything.

    u nid to see Worlds Apart(jim iyke n chioma akpotha: i think its the best 9ja movie i’ve ever seen!

    ok one more thing!! u know patience ozokwor.. dunno hw to spell her name. I heart her!

  6. Sola Folowosele

    cant wait to “see”.joo

  7. Endurable Cutie!

    Mummy III was nice but pls dont waste yr money on Zohan…total waste of my money and time

  8. Boogie

    @mz. dee- her name is hilda not hilary.
    @ ms toni- see matrimony’s goin rather well. congratulations. lol @ ur naija movie addiction, can’t lie sha there are some rly good ones but i’ve seen some that’ve put me off big time. lol too at the fact that u mentioned that we need a dictionary to understand ur boo’s yoruba. when’s the dictionary gon be available? lol cheers

  9. A fan.......

    You should see “WhiteWater”…..
    It’s one of the best movie so far..

  10. Yummy Mummy To Be!!

    I just luuuurve Naija films, anytime i’m in Naija that Africa Magic is on 24hrs i am a big naija movie fan i just loove Patience Ozukwor ( i hope i spelt it right) she just gives me joke such a fanatastic actress!.

    I love Ino Edo films and Rita Domnic, man there are soo many the list goes on!

    You need to watch The Sound of Poverty another good film Boys Cot and Girls Cot you would love them!..

    I must say the traditional ones are tight too!..
    Recently i have been getting into Yuroba films i just love how Africa Magic shows Yuroba films all weekend ihave watched some bad ass ones.

    As per your Husband is flow is tight very very very poetic and deep i just love that about his music he seems so down to earth and i realy do get that all from his music.

    And he does make a perfect roll model personally someone i would not having a problem with them pasting his posters all over there walls, he sems to be positive inflence and not trying to be like anyone and he is Proud to be a Naija man infact a Yuroba man and that speaks volumes especially in this day and age.

    Like you said he has proved you do not have to be drinking and smoking up in da club ( something like that) to make it!

  11. funkola

    hehehe! so i’m not d only one who needs those dang arm rests to come up wen i’m at the movies with my man. good to know.
    oh yea, i’m dating a non-yoruba dude and he keeps asking me to translate the words of your man’s songs and i can do only a phrase or at the most two, in a song and i feel utterly useless. we so need that dictionary.

  12. Chari

    am soo with u on going back to d elders on the stuvvinz that ur ace sayz mehn…ma mama don tire sef…

    3 Gbosa for the Adigun Baale jare…

    LOL…and why would u want the seat arms to go up? *wink *wink

    Prefer silverbird pass….as full of high school kids as it is….

  13. Bernice-Keynes

    U re due for an update.Dont you think?

  14. Yewande Atanda


    yeah. Irapada is a cool film.


    u’re really enjoying the divident of good marriage. pls take good care of Adigun. what’s his fav food sef?

  15. SPEECHgirl Bucknor

    silverbird is the best

    text me whenever u want to see a movie!


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