Finally!!! Internet Connection…

and I am sooo not an addict! I actually sorta dint miss it much. I do miss facebook a bit
anyhoo I just wanted to take this small time to anounce a Toni Payne Merchandise sale going on this week at CQ Boutique, 1 Adelabu Street, surulere.. Its going to be this week only till saturday from 10am till 6 pm.. so pls kindly spread the word..There will be an eyeshadow and Tshirt sale, all Toni Payne Tshirts regardless of tag price will be 2,000 naira so this is your chance to get that 4,500 tshirt for 2k… and all small size eyeshadow will be 500 naira, yeah very cheap I know but I couldnt think of a more appropriate time to give a whooping discount.. Anyho, hope all is well in blog world and everywhere else… as for me, all is wonderful in my world.

20 thoughts on “Finally!!! Internet Connection…

  1. What of peeps here in Canada? No discount, its not fair oooo… Anyways Congratulations and wishing God’s blessing as you begin your new life as a married woman…

  2. Congratulations on the wedding! saw the pics on bella’s page. simple and cute!…and your eyes were amazing!, but then what do u expect from someone who sells eyeshadow!

  3. Are you not supposed to be on your honeymoon?

    Congratulations! You should add our products to your portfolio of special items.

    You looked great in your photos.

    give our regards to 9ice. I wish you all a VERY HAPPY MARRIED LIFE! Enjoy every moment.

  4. Aya Abolore Akande. Ire akari o. Congrats mrs. Akande. We go see twins and triplets for the marriage o. Obinrin, okunrin abiye.

  5. Congrats girl! I saw some pics of your wedding somewhere on blogville. I pray you have a wonderful married life.

    And, how come you’re back already??? Shouldn’t you be on your honeymoon?

  6. Hey!!! Congratulobia! Lol! Hope he sang “wedding day” on ur wedding day!
    Hmmm! Thanx 4 d discount sis. “Let’s go there” :-p In fact, we are running there!

  7. From the way spoke when i had an interview with you for AYO SOGBUYI’S CELEBRITY MAG late 2004 at yr place off Falolu,(yr very 1st interview with any Nigeria media) i knew that the top is your im not really surprised at where you are now..and really this is just the beginning for you baby..leave those writing trash..act what your husband sang..”MAWOBEE..KO TI IKUN SIWON”..Congratulations dear Toni..regars to mum.. where is your big sister now? i mean ALERO

  8. Tony, congratulation on ur wedding. u are really a lucky girl to have won 9ice, a lot of girls are dying to have him, congrat girl and keep him for real cos real men are truly scarce.
    Mrs Samuel

  9. ouch!first time here!!!
    wish i’d come earlier…
    can you put up the shirts on sale soon???
    I just saw em on facebook…but there’s no way i can buy as many as i want if they’re not on sale.
    i’ll be there with millions of friends…promise!!!!

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