Joblessness is a disease..

Some naija papers crack me the hell up…So I got this today, actually made me laugh a bit, like who makes these things up anyways.. the headline reads.
“Jealousy costs 9ice Glo deal”
and the story goes…
The relationship between Abolore Akande (9ice) and his long time fiancée, Toni Payne, is said to be in a shaky state. Inside source revealed that the over N10 million endorsement deal offered to Dbanj by Glo Mobile some weeks ago was actually meant for 9ice.The gist is that when a female Glo representative tried to contact 9ice on his phone to discuss the deal, Toni was the one who picked the call. Thinking the caller was one of those trying to snatch 9ice from her, she rained insults on the caller. The following day, Dbanj was offered the endorsement deal. Right now, 9ice is said to be fuming, and has refused to see his long time lover for days now

Gosh I wish they would make up cooler things about me, like “9ice is forced to move to LA” or “Toni Payne Seizes 9ice’s Bentley” lol.. now the Bentley one I dont mind o, thats a prayer sef.. and I wasnt aware people could pick up naija calls all the way from the US seeing as I’ve been out of the country, well I guess technology has advanced to that level and I was left behind… wonders shall never end.. sighs!! I cant stress it enough, if you dont have stories to fill up your paper, do a PSA to help little kids, God will even bless you more.. sighs! On the flip side of things, when you think about it, I guess Dbanj indirectly owes me 10%… hahaha…. so BobbyT, pls ask ur client o, where is maaa money!…. I want cash payment, no check or money orders pls…. Im 100% certain this is just the beginging so I guess I need to sit back and enjoy the ride..

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  1. @T-Payne, A friend of mine who knew that i love 9ice and who have had a chat with about the top 20 entrepreneurs in Nigeria ( you were on my list) came back asking me if it was the same Toni-payne i mentioned who was featured.

    Look….Newspapers are very good with carrying rumours. Trust me, more will come. Don’t be surprised if you read that; Toni-payne is dis, T-payne is that…….

    I just think you should now wear your shock absorbers, and don’t allow some dumb set of people ruin your happiness by granting them interviews asking you about what happened.

  2. babes, make sure 9ice hit ATL anytime he’s in da US. I got peeps overhere dieing to see him perform; myself included. can’t wait. just keep us posted aiight. holla @me if u want da hookup wit men on da ground who gone’ make it happen.

  3. Rumor spreading is truly the symptom of an empty life. I mean is your life so boring that you have to create make up stories about someone else?!
    Nothing do una jare. They cant “fire extinguish you”

  4. Let Them Say!!!U keep ur heads up and keep doing wat u know how to do beast and always PRAY!

  5. Please dont pay any of those haters any mind. If you listen to everything you hear abt u and ur boo, its enough to drive u crazy….they always gonna have something to say,,so just take it with a grain of salt..
    Look on the bright side, as least you know that your boo is a certified celebrity thats why they have something to say

  6. Lmao.. first time here! we hv the same templateee!!!

    Nice post o!! Lol @ 9ice’s babe.. na so she insecure reach? Lolz!

    Definetely blogrollin u!

  7. Hold up, Hold up…uhmm…I’m in the presence of Toni Payne…as in Toni Payne…9ice…Toni Payne?

    O snap…I think am gon swoon…

  8. Congratulations i like your style keeping your thing to your self .. after all love aint a show it is for real between you two!..

    I am sure you are strong enough to handle and deal with all rumour mungors..

    Keep your head up high woman you were there from the begining and you are the wifey now it’s all about you two!

    Gwaan Mrs Akande..:)

  9. Miss T, I’m gon tell myself i’m first to see ur weddin fotos on fb since no one’s said anything. U guys look BEAUTIFUL for want of a better word. All the best to u two wonderfully talented people and may God make this the beginning of the happiest times in both ur lives.

  10. Toni pAyne…. did u ever intend toblog about ur wedding? i saw the pixs on facebook and totally love you more……
    Pwetiful you, i wish you all the best but ampised youdidnot even mention it, well i guess u needed ur privacy…..congrats again.
    and rumor, people are just sick…i read an interview where 9ice was being asked about a supposed child …sick people…live urlife girlie and enjoy every single bit of it…and not too worry, the bentley is right around the corner

  11. Hahahahhahaahhahahhhh! thats a big one up on the newspapers T-Payne! from not being talked to, to marrying da boy u cost a mega deal! u knew wat was coming and u dint say a word! Less dan one week afta ur post,so u had to have known you wia gettin hitched SOON.U Devil You!!! Am totally lovin ur style,definitely a fan now!

  12. Toni Honey, I wish you and 9nice a very happy married life. Don’t forget to post the pics when you return from your honeymoon.

    Luv, Qute

  13. awww thanks to all for the well wishes, yall are gonna make me I truly appreciate it.

    @jj.. I got ur message, it should never take that long without a valid reason or notification from us so ill help you look into it.. 🙂

  14. joblessness is definately a disease lol @ u wishin the papers said u seized 9ice’z car but datz da media 4 u not jus in naija but in general…congratulationz on ur marriage wishin u marital bliss God Bless ur union xx

  15. LMAO!!! Wow… don’t ever let any of this annoy u oh.. PLEASE!!!

    AND Congrats on ur wedding! May God bless ur union… Amen! Seriously don’t let haters upset u.. i know ur wayy stronger dan that sha.. God bless

  16. “Make them know say na u fine pass. Make u look them in the eye and sayyyyyyy …. Mo gbono feli feli bi amala to jina gan gan…” For real!
    Keep soaring sistah!

  17. LOL~!!!

    Didnt see this until today.

    Babe like i tell you…lets form a cartel and be taking care of folk. lol. kidding…maybe not kidding.

    Anyhow pay no attention to these folks ojare. Let them say let them say!!!!!

    I will ask D for that 10%…make sure you cut me an extra 5% hehehehe.


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