and they told me..

he wouldnt shoot the video..gosh! I love being right.. hehehe.. arrrgghh! I have heard all kinds of excuses being made for dude but at the end of the day **cheesing** I was right.. lol. I beg whomever I made bets with needs to come and pay up o.. you know yourselves so don’t let me cast you.

anyhoo on to better things, Im soo upset, I forgot to bring a copy of ASA’s cd with me and now Im craving her songs.. 🙁 Yeah yeah I could download it online, but I wont. Its so funny how I memorized the lines to Mr Jailer after listening to it about 4 times, had people thinking I’d heard it before. I am one person that listens very carefully to lyrics, in fact lyrics do it for me before the beat. She touches on a lot of topics that just makes you aware shit goes on around you. I think my fav songs are Mr Jailer (was this really directed at KLG) don’t shoot me o thats what I, Fire on the Mountain, Fimi sile, and the one with Sisi Oyun osun Meta. Ok forgive me if I did not get the titles correct but yeah, I am totally in love with ASA’s music. She stands as my fav female artist, well, I never really had one but now I do.. I tried to find other videos but could only find fire on the mountain.. enjoy
ps.. Yoruba is such a beautiful language, did not really appreciate as much it till 9ice and Asa

6 thoughts on “and they told me..

  1. Asa is my new fav female artiste too apart from Sasha. I’ll do anything to have her album.

    But TP…come o….i thought you be yoruba babe now, so what’s with the JJC talk now? *confused*

  2. omg, cant believe am actually listening to her properly and watching her vid for the very first time. Damn, pple dont appreciate good music!!! Oh well i guess its what goes these days, COMMERCIALTY!!!!!!!!!!
    Love banky, cutey to the core , lol! Love ur blog too, Do u send purchased items from ur store by post to the uk?, i’v been wanting to try ur cosmetics for a while now.

  3. hahah okay am so feeling Banky’s VID lol! RAWK ON as in me likey 🙂 Asa I haven’t heard yet. I need to get my copy. You selling it on NE babz?

  4. @wienna.. yes I am but yoruba yato si yoruba.. there are masters in the langauge

    @eny.. u shud get ASA’s CD 4real, its worth every penny. Yes we do ship to the uk and its pretty cheap too..

    @vixxy..girl tell me about it.. I feel like I drank too much coffee

    @yetty, when next I go t naija, I should have brought some for sale but I did not want to buy it from the streets in bulk.. next trip 4sure

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