Gosh! reading the comments about LASMa had me rolling on the floor. Well, I had read a blog a while back about putting the LASMA person in the car, locking the door and chanting incantations while driving, and making him plead to be I seriously had it in mind already but my mans right hand man had already gotten out of the car to fight dude so there was too much commotion going on to think straight.. Anyhoo, lets just say after we drove off I heard the LASMA guy ended up screaming like a u no wot.. hehehe serves him right. The only thing that bothered me was that I wasnt there to throw in a kick or two.. but I know that face anywhere I go..

sha, LASMA needs to be scrapped, bunch of worthless suns of guns.. In fact I don’t know who is worse them or those traffic ones, I forgot their name but they are supposedly in charge of speed etc.. I was in ikeja when I saw this guy hit a brand new lexus with his stick.. we rolled down our window and DH and I started hurling abuses at the guy. hehehe, naija can be fun sha.. and oh lord, the day I got pulled over and did not have a license. I swear I could have won an oscar, fake tears and all. I knew I could cry on command but danm, I was proud of myself.. ” oga, yyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, my wallet o, haaa na who thief my wallet” *sobs**sobs* “see oga, my licence dey inside my wallet, I left it in the car and quickly ran inside and when I came back it was gone” *sobs* “ahhhh yaaaaaaah ahhhh, hmmmn, this life o”. It took everyone in the car all their might not to start laughing, Id already warned that if anyone laughs the would be in hot soup.. sha they let me be cos lord knows I wasnt ready to part with a dime based on being intimidated…

Anyhoo, driving in NIG is an experience, I actually kinda liked it, not so boring because there is always something going on.. between okadas and danfos and watching out for popos the trip goes by quite fast.. but but but, naija is quite hectic as in sighs!.. you need extra balls to live there. Like simple things are done in the most complicated way so much so that I am having second thoughts about holding the nupt there, ok just kidding but yeah, its crazy sha..

Anyhoo gotta work, so much catching up to do but more gist later I guess, ehem I don’t wanna get too carried away

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  1. FIRST… yay!!

    wow, sounds like u had nuff fun..

    *jealous mode* lol, just kidding. but mehn ure brave oh, driving in naija especially las gidi is a thing i dnt think cn eva do.. shooo 😮

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