where is the security yall

This situation I am about to talk about annoys me to the point of like arrrggggghh!. Anyhoo Saturday night, the artist 9ice and a few friends were coming back from the artist Morachis album launch where he went to perform, when they were hijacked by 8 gunmen aka armed robbers with pistols, ak47’s, the works.. I guess they were about to jump on the 3rd mainland when they got attacked. Well, after being layed out, beaten up, ( like why even beat anyone up with your flipping gun, collect and go, haba!) the robbers took everything they had and left them to attack another car. We thank the lord no lives where lost but it annoys the crap out of me like, imagine, who is safe sef!.. I was asking him if they knew who he was and from his response I guess they don’t care about all that.

Reminded me of Jan 05 when 2face Idibia got robbed. These fucccers broke in through his walls to gain access to his house and of course they either did not know or give a rats ass if he was 2face or not, poor baby ended up in the hospital with a huge thingy on his neck.. Not long after that Azadus gets robbed on his way from the studio (I think). So its like who the hell is safe out there.

I made a comment a while back on Fumni Iyandas blog about how I dont see myself living in NIg regardless of how much money I have because my security means more to me. Now this situation here enforces my stance like “seeeeeeee, thats what Im talking about”

Anyhoo, a lot of people don’t mind being all careful and watching their back 24/7 but me myself and I, do mind. I really wish the govt would do something about this, create jobs, hire new police, train somebody, do something. I don’t wanna have to go to NIg and be scared to leave my house. The other day I was reading Dimeji Alaras note on facebook about how they rob in traffic, and how he had to abandon his car, arrrrrggghh, makes me just soo mad to hear stuff like that. Anyhoo, yeah NIG is such a lovely, fun place that if not for that one aspect of it, oh and nepa, it would be a wonderful place to live. 🙁 Anyhoo NIG is always going to be in my prayers, I pray for divine intervention because we need it.

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  1. hey omo alagbede,sorry o. Ive been mad busy as in no time to even breath but I promise to reply you mail by thursday..

    @wienna, yeah i read that the other day, pretty sad!

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