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I am a huge fan of Tyler Perry, ever since I watched Diary of an Angry Black woman I just cant get enough of his movies and Medeas character. The movie Medeas family reunion was one of my favs especially the wedding scene, kinda left me curious as to naija wedding planners. Lets say I have this friend of a friend who is getting hitched and this friend of a friend wants to do it in naija and this friend of a friend took my advice about getting the same set up as the wedding scene in the movie, well I guess what I am asking is, are there any naija wedding planners who are sooo ultra hot that they can produce scene 1.32 to 2.00 in the clip below? btw.. u may wanna stop at 2.00 so you don’t go through the torture of watching the corny scene after, that chicks acting made me want to errr puke. If my husband cries on our wedding day, Ill smack him upside his head and tell him to man up. teeheeee..

anyhoo as I was saying, the set up would basically be Paris in nig. I saw some hot pictures from a few planners in nig that weren’t too bad, but im thinking something straight out of a fairy tale like Cinderella type stuff. and because my friends friend is soo cool I think she deserves it. 🙂 and hmm I wonder who will replace Johnny Gill, maybe 2face.. (lol, I’m soo naughty) and lets see, we could see if Maya Abdul form katsina state would come and read a poem.

Anyhoo such a beautiful wedding set up cant be cheap, which brings me to my next question. Is it worth it spending sooo much money on just one day. I was talking to my neighbour 2 days ago and he was like, vegas, vegas, vegas.. lol.. and I’m like, haaaa you wanna kill my mother abi.. but yeah, is it? I mean I know weddings cost at least 20k, gosh I could invest that 20k and my turn over would be like soo much.. geez, hmmm maybe Vegas is not sounding so bad afterall..

BTW: TP was featured in the Spanish mag alborde.. yeah I am thinking this is the first nig owned comp to be featured, can someone say putting nig on the map one mag at a time.. Seeing akanke and oriki all up in there in Spanish made me super proud..
anyhoo have a lovely weekend..

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  1. You should talk to Anita Onyemelukwe. She is an interior decorator who also decorates. she i not well known like funke buknor, ibidun ajayi or the just weddings lady but she is very good, very exclusive and more high end. but she can definitely get it done if i ever get married in nig i’ll definitely use her.

  2. i really dont know the answer to that yet but i have seen ppl spend up to 250K for their wedding. or 60K just for flowers those ones are definitely oyinbo though but if you can afford it why not.

  3. see if you can get in touch with Ibidun Ajayi Ighodalo. I’ve seen some of the weddings she catered for…it was classy and beautiful.

    I love Tyler Perry’s movies like crazy. What’s up Toni? Still coming to Naija this month?

  4. I think anything is possible to create in Nigeria. The question would be “how much is your friend willing to spend?” A wedding with all the details shown in the movie…could cost about $100,000 or more, depending on factors like…how much flowers are used, labor, time, etc. You might have to import some things for detailing. You should contact some of the wedding planners mentioned above, or you could just hiring someone to do all the work for you and give them explicit instructions…and that could be the start of another line for the Toni Payne brand. What do you think?

  5. check out this link toni for a list of wedding planners in naija. question for you miss lady how easy is it to set up a shop in naija we can talk via email:) keep up the good work and keep being an inpsiration 🙂

  6. @Yinka, funke I can get a hold of but do Anita or Ibidun have some sort of website? 60k for flowers? KAI! I guess I better get to growing some flowers in my backyard. lol

    @linda, sup girly, I have been meaning to call you, sigh!, no I am not, I have my store opening on the 3rd so I have to be here for that and then Fashion week follows right after and I have to be here for some of the event. Hmm so its 2 for Ibidun Ajayi..

    @tayo.. My friend is an elcheapo like me o, $100k, is that including food or just decorations? Gosh why are weddings so darn expensive. Well Im sure they could improvise when needed, you know have cousin Femi hang from the vines and pretend to play the harp, instead of hiring a model to do that. lol. errr another Toni Payne brand, una wan kill me, Im on a new idea break for the next 1 yr. lol

    @naijagal, there was no link ma, well its kinda easy I guess, get the legal part sorted, pray ur landlord is not an ass, pay about 2 yrs rent and be there for the first few months unless you have someone you really really and i emphasize really trust to look over it.. anyhoo email me.

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