Makeup Artists in NIG .Any really good ones?

Does anyone know of a really good makeup artists in NIG. I’m not talking just being able to put Powder and eye shadow on someone and making it look good, and not just wedding stuff either someone that can make that transition to both. Someone artistic, creative, fun, someone that has a vision. Someone that can create some high fashion, runway looks, and play with bold colors. I found one online a while back but forgot to bookmark her website. I am going to be giving up the artistry aspect to focus more on the business and education aspect of things so I wanted a super hot makeup artist I can work with permanently. I really really love the first shot and would love to shoot something similar with my “moving on” tank.. I have this vision of a bad a$$ shoot in the streets of Lagos, somewhere like Festac, Mushin, Oyingbo or Oshodi . A nice contrast. I’ll obviously provide all necessary tools.

Ps. oooooooo I got my copy of HAUTE magazine yesterday and I have to admit I AM IMPRESSED!.. men Dammie, kudos o because your magazine is on point. I love the attention to detail, in fact good job girly.

10 thoughts on “Makeup Artists in NIG .Any really good ones?

  1. thank God you got your mag,when did you pay for it?i waited for about 3wks with no luck…so, i ve given up!story..story

  2. I’m sure there r a few good ones out there in naija, they might just not have being heard of.
    BTW, didn’t know u’re one of the sponsors of d Stars on D Runway show. Was watching half of it on OBE tv earlier on today and i saw your name on d credits. Well done, sis.

  3. There are many nigerian make-up artists doing their thing in the U.K. When you find one abeg, let us know via your blog. All the best with your search!

  4. Hey… wetin dey happen…
    Plz ehn… Toni Payne I was going through ur website the other day and I no been see enough wears for guys… me dey find like some naija inspired apparels…(i be fashionista so i wan know if there’s more than wat u have online… enjoy..

  5. @anon. be patient, I think its the us postal service. MM takes a bit longer than regular mail.

    @wienna.. Yeah? I mentioned it on my blog a while back. too bad I missed the show, my people said they had fun.

    @taureanminx.. why not..we can do a test shoot when next Im in NIG and then take it from there.

    @anon2.. I def will update

    @anon3.. lol.. I do have more mens shirts but I just have not updated the mens portion of the site. Will do so soon though so keep checking back luv.

    @pink.. does he have a website? Ive seen some of his work but Id like to see port.

  6. I know someone that bayo trained he works for a salon in v.i called HAIR. He is really good, he did the make up for the idols west africa show as well.It’s a popular beauty place HAIR on sanusi Fafunwa and he’s the main make up guy, he has a yoruba name. i really can’t remember.- Anyway he did my wedding makeup and it was fab. You can stop by at my page leave me ur email addy and then i will try to get his email or number.

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