Femi Kuti, Lord of Ajasa and co..

It’s not news that I am a huge fan of Nigerian music. Yeah, I know all the latest songs, well I think I do. One thing though is that I am not easily impressed. I should be hired to weed out the good from the plain ol ugly. And trust me I have heard some ugly. lol. Oh you know wot, there was actually one ugly that wouldn’t not leave me the hell alone. That song got soo much airplay on STV that I would hear it in my sleep. sighs!. The song goes something like this ” What kinda girl I go marry, What kind of girl I go marry, what kind of girl man pickin go marry, wey go give me happy family” then ” Ibegi marry I begi marry, marry o” then it goes on to talk about all the tribes and their stereotypes, you know Esan girls will do this, yoruba girls will do that, bla bla bla. And then there is Ubong,I forgot how the song goes but I know the chorus ends with “YEPA“.. teehee. sighs!..

Now, for good music or rather good performances. I went to the Femi Kuti concert this weekend at the house of blues and one thing dawned on me, I am not exactly sure where his talent lies, I enjoyed the performance but wasn’t sure what I enjoyed about it, was it the beat or the dancers who by the way were his act. I’m telling you, these girls can shake some tail feather o kai, I’m hetro but I think I swung the other way for like 2.5 seconds. lol . I took the liberty of learning some new moves from them, you know so I can show off at my next party. It was funny how half the stuff Femi was saying, I could not understand but oh well, who cares, we had fun. The guy commands respect and pulls a nice mixed crowd. The place was packed, I think all the naija folks in Los Angeles came out that night. teehee.

Now, on to the person that is slowly becoming my favorite artist. Lord of Ajasa. Yeah, Ive blogged about him before but very briefly. Let me start by saying, if you are into down home music, you should pick up a copy of his CD. Lyrical ability, nice voice, creativity. Dude has it all and to make it even sweeter he raps in Yoruba. When I’m less busy, ill upload one of his tracks and share.

So I was out at a friends party the other day and It was kinda disappointing that most of my buddies are not really into naija music, like they wanted to listen to mainly hip-hop and did not get it when I put in some naija songs. Like its sad that we don’t patronize out own. If you go to a Jamaican party I assure you 90% of the music that will be played with be Ragga, Dancehall, Reggae but not our people. Well I guess we still have a long way to go with the whole national pride thingy. If you get in my car Im sorry you have to listen to 2face, 9ice, Ajasa etc. If you come to a party I am throwing, plan to sit your behind down if you cant dance to Dbanj, Danfo drivers, Original Stereoman etc.

Sidenote: I was going to blog about my “stalker” I guess to ask for advice on what to do but decided to save him some face. My dear, Let this side note be a warning because I am sure you and your crew visit my blog. Next time you come sit outside my house, I will call the police. and if you do not stop calling or texting my phone, I will call you out, I refuse to change my number because of you, I will not let you rule my world, I deserve to live free of you and your disturbance, It irks me that I miss business calls because I’m thinking its you calling, and no one else should have to suffer if they mistakenly pass me your calls.. you have been warned countless times, Please let this be the last warning.


  1. wienna

    It’s true what u said about how people not patronising their own artists enough. Why do u think dat yeye Thisday festival attracts a lot of crowd, of cos it’s becos of d international acts involved. From d reviews i’ve read about dis festival, i’ve come to dis conclusion and it’s really sad and pathetic. When r our people going to stop licking asses.(excuse ma lingo)
    As for your stalker, make u give us a clue as to who im be. And tell him to divert his stalking skills to me cos only God knows I need some male attention in my life at d moment. laaaawlu

  2. Anonymous

    I saw these two comments on Bella Naija’s comment page of “This day Concert” and I thought the whole world should know. I love Oprah and the rest of the Artists my aim is just to show Nigerians that it is time we start supporting our own people and make our own country better. Contrary to what Oprah thinks Nigerians are the smartest most intelligent people in this world.


    Oprah Winfrey got it wrong

    By Our Reader
    Published by PUNCH NEWSPAPER: Thursday, 26 Jul 2007

    Recently, America’s TV girl, Oprah Winfrey, called on America to sever diplomatic relationships with world’s topmost corrupt countries.

    Worst of all the countries, Oprah surmised, is Nigeria.

    According to her, “all Nigerians – regardless of their level of education – are corrupt.”

    It is very pathetic that Oprah could ascribe to a larger population, the evil act of an insignificant number of persons in the world’s most populous black nation.

    Oprah’s conclusion is based on the fact that a Nigerian of Igbo extraction was caught with $500,000, which was alleged to have been stolen from a foreigner through the Internet fraud popularly known as 419.

    Oprah had sponsored an hour-long programme, which ran for several days on the CNN, with the sole aim of exposing the clever tricks espoused by this group of Nigerians to con their victims.

    Much has been said about the greed of the victims themselves, and I need not say more about it.

    However, at a time when Americans are committing heinous crimes against children and women, nobody has tagged all Americans as murderous.

    So, why call all Nigerians rogues because of the sin of a few bad eggs?

    Oprah regularly tells her life story: how she was sexually abused by close relations, how she ‘walked the streets’ (Americans’ euphemism for prostitution), etc., but nobody has ever deemed it fit to tag all American men as incestuous because of Oprah and others’ experiences.

    She did drugs – just like the typical American teenager, but nobody has cast all American youths in the mould of drug abusers!

    So, why should an individual that is supposed to know better sentence a nation to odium for the infraction of a tiny fraction of its population?

    I urge Oprah and her likes to disabuse their minds about Nigerians.

    Be wary of requests for money from strangers, and if you fall for a scam, blame your greed and not Nigerians.

    Okoli Vitalis,


    Ps: to the owners of the blog I’m sorry for invading your blog. I just felt we Nigerians need to let go of that inferiority complex of American things being way better than Nigerian’s. We need to make our stuff better too if we think it is not up to standard.

  3. jadedjune

    maybe its an LA thing cos in london, naija music rules!!!

    ah ah, who dey stalk you?

  4. Toni Payne

    @wienna tell me about it. The this day thing, I heard some disturbing things about why day 1 and 2 did not go down. but then again rumours will be that. Per my stalker, trust me! you dont want to but omo if u really do I can pass the message along. Lord knows ull be doing me a huge favour

    @anon..hmmnnn well Its hard to jump to conclusions on such a delicate subject, but Im sure Oprah is not that ignorant. Any credible sources like maybe an official comment from Oprah?

    @june.. haha omo, in fact call me later Ill gist u. The bobo wants to dabaru my happy home. lol .


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