just wanted to say…

I love you!!
Got a request from some mag about featuring some of TP items, Its exciting because this mag is a major mag with a huge circulation and I was explaining to my mum about the power of the media. I remember a few years ago when one of my items was featured on ET on MTV. I honestly did not see it coming. Within 3 minutes of it airing, we sold out on every single one, and days later the emails where still coming and weeks later people who had purchased were still sending their friends to us. It was soooo bananas I was surprised my server did not crash.

ok its picture time.. media stuff oooo.. I already know this ish will take too long so Ill only post a few and more can be found on TPs facebook group.

7 thoughts on “just wanted to say…

  1. more kudos to you. I have the life and style edition featuring your eye shadow, i forgot to post a comment when i read it a few weeks back. I used the eyeshadow this past weekend, you sent it as a complimentary package with an online order, and it was fab.
    the article ’bout the shirt is on sun’s webpage on the living or , you might have to look thru the older articles though, i think it was posted this month or last month’s living or fashion and beauty section.

  2. @nwanyi.. gracias.. I appreciate it.

    @anon.. oo are you serious? thats hot!.. Have you had time to really play with the shadows? What color did you get, there are soo mant fab tricks to using it to create different looks. BTW, thanks for the patronage.

    @bobby.. G ke? I thot I was a T.. lol.. hows my son in law?

    @linda.. thanks mama, the feeling is mutual. You can get it real close to you.. 1 Adelabu Street/ Surulere.

  3. Congrats girl…u r really doing your thing…so nice to know that young naija women are doing their thing…was wondering if you do bridal make up cos I am getting married in naija in Dec and would love for you to do my make up…if you do, pls contact me at randb4e@yahoo.com. Thanks…u rock!!!

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