*singing*.. isn’t she lovely, isn’t she tra la la… I was wondering what Grams old pictures would have looked like in color and Viola! Took me a hot second but I think it came out nice. FYI: this picture was taken way b4 my mum was born so there was no color photography then.

Hmmn, I just noticed something. Its like someone out there has been praying for me or something. The past day now, even if I try I can’t get stressed out. I’m loving it, all smiles, m mind is at ease, nothing is bothering me and its been 24hr with no migraine. Oh did I mention the 2nd batch of shirts are here? Well, they leave here tomorrow seeing as they still have to go through processing, quality control etc. and oooo guess what the best seller is so far… the “Yoruba Proverb Shirts”. Its funny because a friend and I were arguing about the shirt, before I had the design, I was telling her about the concept, she said my customers wont understand it and I should only market it towards naijas, I argued that, nope it will appeal to everyone and that the meaning behind it is what makes it more interesting and all I would need is great fabric and a hot design and I was correct. I love being right BTW.

On to other gist. I always get this ridiculous question, “when are you getting married” Well I was actually considering it till I had a convo with my boy that’s getting married in Sept. When he told me how much he has spent so far on his wedding I almost passed out. I knew weddings were expensive but dang…I did the calculations in my head and I’m like, Id have to sell like a lot of shirts to pay for that. lol. Lord knows I want a humongous wedding. 18 hot ass chicks on my train with wicked dresses and 2ct diamond pinky rings. Donny P bottles engraved with our names on it. Silverware too. Pocket sized Moet for everyone. And my dress, well I’m crossed between Yemi Kosibah and Deola Sagoe. hmmmn or maybe both, I just love love love their designs. I was going to rock a pink vintage looking dress but I think I’ll settle with looking like a princess, Celine dion type tiara and all. oh! and lets not forget the red carpet because T cant be getting her dress all dirty. hehe . So its either that or Vegas to elope. and ooooooooo no, anyone caught handing out plastic at my wedding will be in trouble o. Whats up with the whole handing out big a$$ buckets at parties. Like who started the trend. lol.

Sidenote: I think I am becoming less productive thanks to facebook and Linda Ikejis blog. sighs! The one thing I am being productive at is clicking that refresh button. lol.

9 thoughts on “tadaaaaaa

  1. Keep on dreaming girl. Is dat your mum? laaawwlu….about d sidenote. U’re not d only one. I keep checking linda’s blog as well every 5 mins to see if she’s updated.

  2. Toni,can u hook me up with alex okosi work email? I figured you guys knew each other from the forbes thing. Its work related,my email is cheetarah7@gmail

  3. I sooo understand what you mean about people handing out plastic at weddings. I am getting married next year and my aunties keep talking about favors but I know they are really talking about plastic souvenirs. I am not feeling it and I have tried to put an end to it… with no avail. Ohh well… I guess I will have to give up control of a few things at my wedding…**sigh**

  4. @debola..hahahahahaha.. noooo u dint. wsup my love.. How you dey? so you fially decided to drop a comment on my blog huh.. anyhoo miss ya!

    @cheetatah.. Ill ask him if its ok and in the mean time Ill text him ur addy.. 🙂

    @tayo. men you gotta put your foot down in a nice way. Ive already started dropping hints, luckily for me, my immediate fam, mums, grams, aunts etc feel the same way I do, my mum is along the lines of handing out trendy things but its the extended family Im worried about. I trust my grams sha, all I have to say is granny I dont want o and she will put everyone in check. lol. now u r worried about ur side, imagine what the husbands side is going to bring.. lol.. pele even me sef, I havent quite figured that part out yet.

  5. Nice post; loved what you did with your grandma’s pic – maybe I should dig out some of my nan’s old pics now and start experimenting with colours, LOL! Weddings, oh yes, tell me about it. They handed out so much stuff at my wedding; my mum and husband’s mum were too busy on the day to do things like that but the extended family and friends certainly brought a truckload of stuff. I am sure the oyinbo guests there must have thought we had a manufacturing company or something. Errmmm, silver trays, cups, towels, bowls, notebooks, pens – oh and sigh, toilet brush and caddy! Say what! I couldnt believe my eyes when I saw the thing going round, I thought there goes my fairytale wedding. Now dem go no say my family be real Ibadan people! Anyway, that was three years ago (dis week in fact) and I must say I have recovered from that ordeal. I don’t know if there’s a way to control what people bring and hand out at weddings you know, because to them, they’re trying to do something nice. Let me know if you figure it out and I am guessing there’s a man in the picture if we’re talking about weddings, eh!

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