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TP apparel has a new myspace page and yeah there are new designs on there. Was going to post it on my blog but it seemed redundant so you can check it out here. Hopefully it will be updated frequently, right now some of the Spring 08 line is available for viewing. I was thinking it would be cool to customize names on the back. Like “Sexy PT” on the back of my Yoruba Proverb tank. The page is very pink, just the way I like it. Blogger should have some sort of easy way to customize your page like myspace. I would sooo love the blue and pink on my blog. Anyhoo, I dunno why but I feel like I’m forgetting something. If I was supposed to do something for you, pls email me because my brain is half here, half gone.. Which reminds me, Ive been popping pills all day and its just not working. If anyone has suggestions for calming my migrain down please let me know. OH!, if you know any trendy stores that you think the tees would fit in, holla at me or hint hint to them that there is a line they should carry and they should visit the website at bla bla bla * inserts big cheesy grin*

Update: If you want to add TPA banner to your website.. you can use this one below Gracias!

PS: Dear lord, I know you must have been busy last week but I just wanted to remind you that Im still waiting patiently for the 5mil I requested for. I have checked my bank account 6 times today and the balance remains the same. I am not trying to rush you or anything because I know your time is the best time, but I would appreciate it if you could please speed things up a bit maybe make “now” your time. Yours truly, Your Child. T

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  1. Pray harder, the money will be there…I beleive in Miracles (singing)…are u going to the LA bbq on saturday? Wish I could get one ur shirts (prior to the event)…would so wear it…guess u are wondering whom this is!!! I met u once, u gave me one of ur eye shadows too!!!!!! lol

  2. we will all get out desires. you inspire, keep up the good work. its been hard finding a foundation for my skin and after ordering your one from you, i must say i am now an addict.

  3. @anon1.. hmmnn well Im guessing you live in LA. If you got my eye shadow it must have been at one of our parties so chances are I would have ran into you more than once.. ooo I dont like suspence o.. lol
    Per the BBQ.. Im not sure yet. Still thinking about it.

    @anon2.. Im happy to hear that. If you need tips and tricks to the makeup holla at me. I think I am like an expert queen makeup user now. lol.

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