wrong side of the planet

I am having such a crappy morning. I don’t feel like doing anything yet I have so much to do. I have a meeting today that I’m sure I’m going to half ass because I feel tired. I hate being moody, its soo not me but sighs!. anyhoo, Im not sure if anyone else takes their dreams literally, I have been having really strange dreams, two days in a row I dreamt about reptiles, first a lizard, then a snake. Then last night I dreamt I was blogging about something odd, can’t remember what it is though. Then I dreamt me and my boo hooked up but he brought his entourage and they would not give us privacy. *inserts angry emoticon here* lol but right when we were about to get some alone time, I friggin had to wake up.. Sighs! I cant even get to enjoy small in my dreams.

Anyhoo, I was at a friends party yesterday and I made a comment about wanting to be a housewife. lol. They all echoed the same thing others have said when I say that. That I would be unhappy not being about to hustle. Im like look, Ill hustle my kids to school. lol. I think Im going through mid-business crisis. I work about 17 – 20 hrs a day. I get maybe 4 hrs of sleep if even that. I seldom take a proper lunch, my office is full of bottles of water and I am tired half the time. I need a vacation but cant take one because things need to get done and what tops it off is I totally hate when things don’t go the way I planned it. Summer sucks!
My friend wants to start her own business and Ive told her to think about it very well, do not be motivated by money alone, it has to be something you are passionate about because when you have those days when you have to pull long hrs consistently with no breaks, you will hate yourself. I think the only thing helping is that I love what I do. If not I know I would have probably gone NUTTTZ then gotten a 9-5, came home by 6, watch tv till 11 and sleep a full 6-8hrs. People always commend you for being able to run a business but yeah its cool and the money is encouraging but there are those days when there is absolutely tooo much to do and the time you put in makes it far from glamourous. You do not have one task assigned to you, you have every task to oversee, and no matter how many people you put there to help, its still your business, your name, your reputation so you know you cant get too relaxed. I think I need to change my middle name to stress.
Oh and I think I have obsessive compulsive disorder. I obsess about the smallest things and start freaking out. Its gotten so bad that Im even letting Dish network and their incompetency stress me. lol. Ahh, Dish network, that one is a full gist for another day. I never knew getting someone to install my satellite properly could be this complicated o but I digress.. I feel soo sorry for my hussy, kai! he has his work cut out for him. I was saying to someone that the reason I have such a laid back personality is that I just dont want to have anything else to worry about because I have enough on my plate. Anyhoo enuff venting, arrgghh Im still stressed..lol. I thought bloggin would help.. ok ok well maybe I feel a bit better sha..
Nooooooooooow.. on to other 9icer things. I know I mentioned that I will be working with the artist 9ice sooo I just wanted to share two things with yall. Not sure if I already did but anyhoo if I did here it is again.. the song is 9ice -Ganja Man so you can download it to your ipod, its a hot workout song too. I did an interview yesterday with this mag and was asked why I picked him out of the gazilion artists out there. The answer was pretty simple, I saw in him something special.. then I gave a thesis about why .. lol.
and these two pictures out of his media thingy.. yes I said thingy….. hmmnn, I’m thinking. Hottie huh? lol. My crystal ball tells me more female than male fans in his future. hahaha you know what I just thought about, you know how you see pictures from NIG and you know for sure this one was taken in NIG, like not even just artists sha but like people, specially those dusty looking campus shots with the signature at the bottom. (ok Im soo guilty of taking one on one of my visits).. Im trying to understand why tho, like I see alot of Naija artists, even the pros and when I see their photos like maybe from a photoshoot, Im like Errrrrr no!.. you know who takes good pictures for their artists, Storm and Question Mark.. anyways sha everyone is improving so I hope it continues. Ive told him that if I catch him taking cheesy pictures I’ll quit.. lol

ooooooooooooooooo one last thing, D’banj is in American performing in Dallas this weekend. I think he will also be performing in DC etc.. anyhoo check out this video, the guy is hyper sha. “why me, why you, whhhhhhhhhy me, whhhhhy you”.. hehehehehe Im sure the place will be packed with kokolets. but errr who is the guy in GREEN.. he can BLOW… wow! nice voice men.

ps: please God, if you are reading this I would appreciate 5 million dollars in my bank account before the week runs out. Good looking out. Your child – T

8 thoughts on “wrong side of the planet

  1. LOL@addicted to ur blogs but never makes comments.Anyhoo, stay positive about everything that has to do with running ur business but once in a while withdraw especially when u don’t feel like doing anything becos u get more productive when ur interest is very high towards ur hobby.when i get a chance i’ll register a name rather than anonymous.

  2. @cheetarah.. are serious? then you would hate to party with me or ride in my car then. lol .

    @anonymous.. lol.. u shud register. well yeah I just got back from the road and was feeling dizzy so I was gonna take the rest of the day off but then I remembered I need to finish a task I left uncompleted so its hard to take off sometimes, i just have to make myself do what I have to do.

  3. eyaaaa, pele…make u no stress yrself too much o. U already live in a country filled with everyday stress. I think what u need is an assistant,someone u can share your workload with.

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