good things a’gwan.. lol..- pictures

Sidenote: I saw this picture on Naija Vixen’s blog.. guess whose shirt that is?. Heard TP shirt’s all over his new video.. lol. can’t wait to see it. but errr wsup with the boning naaw? lol

I did more photo work today so I thought I’d share. As we all probably know looks can be decieving. So all of you trying hard to look as flawless as that super model you saw in the magazine.. Stop it! lol.. Hope you like them… 🙂
Beauty Shot… gave a complete make over
Dramatic Eyes… I love bright colors around the eyes Sunny Snow…. did a background change
contrast … absolutely love this one With us?… expression on her face insipred this one. she seems distant, so I made her stand out

6 thoughts on “good things a’gwan.. lol..- pictures

  1. Toni Payne….u have started again…
    I’m proud as per the T.P tee that Rugged is rocking. I hope he is feeling better now.

    Meanwhile, ur retouching skills are on another level. Very nice. Another thing tho, I think its good for people to see the b4 and after so they know tht all them celebs and co do not truly look so perfect. Those unattainable standards of beauty are just a myth.

    Anyway, stay stylin (lolz, i’m so cheesy!)


  2. Yeah bella he is feeling much better. Imagine poor girls out there throwing up and getting surgery cos they want to look like a super model. Like Tyra said, she gets her stretch marks airbrused out. and even if you are a major hottie there is always going to be someone hotter than you in another person eyes.. And no u r not cheesy, stay stylin too.. lol….

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