TV show NI featuring this day music festival

As promised. here is the video of the NI show I hosted. The show talks about public transportation in Lagos, features DJ Jimmy Jatt, and also features this day music festival with performances by jay-z, beyonce and ciara.. pretty neat! I cracked myself up a few times and gosh Im chatty.. lol

21 thoughts on “TV show NI featuring this day music festival

  1. hahahahaha Anotnia hahahah aaaaaaaaaawww you go hun. I’m so proud of you . lol too cute lol very articulate,, me likey… You did a fab job hun… I can totally see you on TV totally Natural. RAWK ON MAMA!! err about to go into the pool in full jeans and tp tank lol yah okay! lol oni ro lol!

  2. I am so feeling your causal attitude. It was like you were having a conversation with the viewer, I like alot!!! Keep your head up and keeping doing your thing.

  3. @bhooky, yeah mehn I can talk up a storm o. You need to see my phone bill every month.

    @ Icy..hehehehehe I went to the changing room naawww.. the guy kept encourging me to come join him in the pool. he was kinda cute too. lol

    @tayo… aww thanks, glad u liked it

    @ parazone.. thx. ur name always cracks me up..

  4. U did an absolutely fab job!
    The key word being NATURAL
    U just flowed and were so chilled bout the whole thing!

    I like when u said ‘I’m sure a lot of people went to borrow money to attend’..LMAO..

    great job~

  5. Thats really nice, I was definetely feeling it.

    emm, ehn…(cough cough)…just between me and you, whats the name of the cute guy at the mall (the very first one you spoke to), does he by any chance have a number?…I’m really not hot on the braids thing but I can work with him 😉

  6. Toni you talk tooooooooooo much! LOL! You know it’s all love even though I am SERIOUSLY vexing for you right now!

  7. Okay I am hurt – Ha!! Someone else is calling you “Antonia”…I am the only one allowed to call you that o…
    Madam Icy chill o…lol!!

    Well done Antonia. I really really enjoyed the show. You definitely did what you do best – talk a whole lot of stuvvs.

    @RJ – I am getting you. I asked my friend the exact same thing. Can’t quite place his accent, but he’s aiight. Nice one.

  8. @ bella.. yup! we all know thats the truth, 10 k from 10 people and you are set. lol . btw thnx for the compliment.. muchos appreciatos 🙂

    @RJ , Im sorry o but I have to charge finders fee for any information about the guy. The only thing is tseshe has already bribed me with correct ogbono soup so you are gonna have to top that. lol.. When I saw him walk by I was like ooo yeah, see fine boy, come hiaaa. lol

    @ngozi.. but you know now.. anyhoo you can’t stay mad at me if you refuse to remind me

    @tseshe, lol. there is enuff Antonia to go round jare. Glad you enjoyed it.

  9. Wow…you really did your thang on that one. I enjoyed it thoroughly. I would say the production rivals most other shows in the west, so congratulations to all involved. Loved it!!!

  10. Toni Payne…good job..I enjoyed the NI show…and best of luck with your business. I don’t know u but I’m proud of your achievement.


  11. you did a great job 🙂 as far as feedback goes, it’d be even better if you could slow it down a little bit so it doesn’t sound rushed or rehearsed. other than that, the camera loves you!


  12. Good effort. Slightly disconnected from your subjects based on your comment of “begging for alms is uncool”. It seems an insenstitive assessment without any substantial invenstigation of the root causes based on the environment or economical climate. I do love the effort though….

  13. okay she is a beautician and editor, and an entrepeneur..whaddaya want from her blood? She talk say she be Nancy O’dell?

  14. @ bola, thanks a lot.. yah they are obviously trying to set a new standard for naija programming.

    @anon1, awww gracias mami, glad to know. so would that be LA los angeles or LA louisiana? you managed to spark my curiosity.hmmm

    @anon2, ooooo boy do I wish it was rehearsed, maybe I would have been talking up more of a storm, lol. You have your notes and you run with it.

    @anon3, I feel you, maybe I should have emphasized more on why it is uncool and what I think needs to be done. but honestly, that is a series not even a show on its Wasnt trying to be insensitive and I am equally frustrated with the socioeconomic state of NIG but like I said to anon2 a lot of it was improvised.

  15. I luved d show but i ve a complaint 2 make about someting u said,it really touched me.heres my story: i have live in london most of my life & i ve done alot of travelling around d world which am sure applies to alot u but i spent d most important yrs of my life in naija mainly lagos.i think wat u said abt dose kids begging woz very insensitive.i am doing well now, great actually,tanx 2 God & d fact dat i woz born here,my parents had 2 borrow £ 4 me 2 go back 2 me wen i say life woz hard 4 us,dayz of gari and h20 4 lunch,no breakfast and as 4 dinna don’t even mention dat.i know where dese people r comg from,our situation woz bad but there were others who were my parents were highly educated but naija dealt with dem.i tank God 4 ur life,i pray dis neva happens 2 u or ur worst enemy if u ve any.So pls sis ve a heart.

  16. @ bee. I wasnt trying to be insensitive. I don’t think you have to experience to somewhat understand. I know your parents probably did what they had to do to make sure you and your sibs were ok.

    Maybe I see things from inside my little box but I stil believe no matter how poor I am, I will never put my kids on the streets to beg for alms. and like you said as hard as things were for you, our parents did what they had to do to give you a better life. The issue obviously goes deeper than the kids being on the streets, we have the govt, we hve family planning, we have education, and a whole lot of other factors. Im sorry if you feel I was insensitive but honey, I still stand by my word that those kids do not need to be on the streets.

    @inmyhead..thanx mami..

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