Affordable Bling…

update: I just wanted to say check this out.. A quick analysis of TP branding efforts.. I like it, its always interesting to see other peoples perspective and fantastic to see that TP inspired an idea .. neat stuff
aren’t they just too cute (look below).. some of the items from the TP ice line, the cross is my fav.. you need to see them at night, my goodnesss… blinding bling, just the way I like it… I have decided to make it very exclusive in naija, as in special order, limited quantities type deal, only downside will be the wait time to get your shirt because of shipping, and if you can afford it, I can fly down and hand deliver it to j/k, each shirt comes with the TP crest at the back and a certificate of authenticity.. Pretty cool stuff..

Anyhoo I am soo stressed right now plus I have a terrible cold so I really don’t feel like blogging much but yeah, I know I should be strong and finish up my work for the day but I can’t think straight. I plan on working like a mad woman soon as I get better, I got a nice pep talk aka motivational speech aka tongue, from my man yesterday, well because he thinks I work hard but lately I havent been working as efficiently, but complaining more. (like lol, , I already knew this ) anyhoo I saw the speech coming though because I would complain to him every time things did not go my way, instead of doing something to fix it. I think he managed to whip my slacking behind back into shape, For once I was very quite and just listened, no argument, just advice taking (doesnt happen often) needless to say I swear I have the best man on earth, no joke. ( well till he annoys Anyhoo, I am working to curb my facebook addiction plus I may not blog as much (maybe), Mr facebook and Mr Blogger has made their money so I need to face mine..

BTW: Has anyone ever booked Oceanview in VI? How much does it cost, that or federal palace hotel, like their waterfront area.? Its sooo annoying that these places do not have websites, like this is 2007. I think any business that doesnt have a simple website is just lame.. sighs!!!..Feel free to email me an answer.. gracias!

update: anyhoo msminx tagged me so here goes..

Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself3)
Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs
Let each person know that they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog
7 Random Facts:
I prefer to eat my rice with okra
I cant stand soft plantain..
I have a mixture of OCD and ADD.. sue
I am the queen of stress, I can stress out over the smallest things
I am not spoilt contrary to popular belief.
I dance in front of the mirror when I am alone..:)
I am currently experiencing what its like to genuinely be in love.. I think.. hehehe,

I tag… hmm let me seeeeee.. everyone including linda , shola, ajide, mr fineboy, vera, jaded june

5 thoughts on “Affordable Bling…

  1. eya pele toni,hope ur feeling better anyways wanna know more abt prices i think its best u ask vera ikeji, she got a business around that line i think.u can get her contact info from linda ikeji.

    those shirts are nice how much do they cost?

  2. shola.. Ill holla at her asap. thnx mamacita. the shirts range from $55 to $100 introductory price

    icy.. if you do not get your shirt in 2 days let me know.. its def on its way with ur signed CD..

  3. TP, u’re too much. But ewwww about d okra and rice. Dat sounds so grose(however dat’s spelt). I know about rice and ewedu though, used to eat it sef when i was younger. Take am jeje o.

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