18 Replies to “Turn Up your Volume.. Hot new Single”

  1. @ shola.. thx and u 2 even tho the weekend is almost over

    @Icy.. I feel you, oh my goodness, join the club…lol.. cant get enuff, I think I have a dance to it sef..Im sure people thot I was crazy the way I was dancing in the car on my way from the airport

  2. lol… when I figure out a remedy, Ill gladly share.. Yours cant be as bad as mine, I shook it off when I went to bed and as soon as I opened my eyes it was back in my head again.. I was telling Deemoney, yesterday that I tried to stop cos of my headache but kept telling myself one more time..lol

  3. Yeah, I heard the first radio station to get it in naija can’t stop playing it, as in the phone lines went wild..

    errmm Madam.. picture now now now..:) cant wait to see em

  4. @vixxy.. I think its both.

    @wienna.. lol.. this gal, u will not kill me with laughter o.. ok Ill be sure to pass the message along.. Im sure he will be flattered..

    @anon.. well, that sa good point, I have a dance to it already but right now it still looks like im tryna chase mosquitos from biting me.. soon as I master my dance Ill show u.. lol

    @shola.. well there really hasnt been anything to blog about because I have been soooooo busy.. and havent had the free time to sit and blog proper.. hopefully by wednesday things will slow down a bit..

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