10 Top Luxury Hotels in Dubai

burj-khalifa-10-top-luxury-hotels-dubaiDubai is located in the UEA (United Arab Emirates). A 16 hour flight from Los Angeles gets me to this city which prides itself in its modern architecture. Visiting Dubai, you will realize, finding good accommodation is very easy. Dubai has this affinity for luxury, and non luxury hotels in Dubai can rival luxury hotels in places like Vegas or even LA. Considering the fact that there are an abundance of hotels that could have made this list, I have to admit, this list was hard to narrow down. Without further ado, and in no particular order, I present to you a list of 10 Top Luxury Hotels in Dubai.

10 Top Luxury Hotels in Dubai

Jumeirah Beach Hotel10-top-luxury-hotels-in-dubai-jumeirah-beach-hotel-toni-payne-travel

The Jumeirah Beach Hotel is located on Jumeirah Beach road, about 13 miles from the Dubai International Airport. One fantastic thing about Dubai is that most of the good hotels are not too far from the airport. I know how tiring it can be for most, to fly thousands of miles to a country and then have to drive an even longer distance to your hotel. The area of Jumeirah has a lot of other luxury hotels like the Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Emirates Tower, Jumeirah Dar Al Masyaf and a host of others.

One thing you will note about Dubai is that a lot of their residential buildings can easily be mistaken for Hotels. Saying they pride themselves in modern luxurious architecture is an understatement. I heard a lot of the residents live normally in what we would consider luxury in the United States.

The Jumeirah Beach Hotel is located on a private beach. Most hotels located on private beaches offer access to residents so they are not as crowded as public beaches. If you are looking for a little more privacy, make sure your hotel is located on a private beach. If you are travelling with family, the hotel has a children’s club. It is also a 3 minute walk from the Wild Wadi Water Park.

The hotel has a lot of awesome freebies. These freebies include a free children’s club (yaaay!), a free water park and free access to the private beach. It also has a nightclub and a nice selection of restaurants to choose from. The rooms at Jumeirah Beach Hotel have a Sea View or Garden View. I always go for the sea view because I love waking up to the view of the ocean.

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah10-top-luxury-hotels-in-dubai-burj-al-arab-toni-payne-travel

The Burj Al Arab is located in Jumeirah beach. This hotel is probably one of the most photographed Dubai hotels ever. Shaped like a sail, the hotel offers an all round luxury accommodation. Burj Al Arab is pricey though, a night can cost you over $1000 US Dollars. The Burj Al Arab is that hotel, where you tell yourself, if I want a dream vacation in Dubai, I will be staying here. Magnificent decor describes the interior of the Burj Al Arab. Also located on Jumeirah Beach road, this hotel is a stone throw away from Jumeirah Beach Hotel. Most times, you will see them photographed together. The Burj Al Arab is a smaller hotel though, offering 202 luxurious guest rooms, 6 restaurants and 2 bars.

Most luxury Dubai hotel and resorts understand the importance of family so like most hotels in Dubai, the Burj Al Arab also offers a free kids club. This eliminates the worry of extra childcare expenses, which I think can sometimes be a deal breaker if you wish to travel with kids. The rooms will leave you feeling like you just checked into a palace. The decor reminds me of Arabian nights with each room having different colored themes. Personally, I prefer my hotel room to be all white or cream with a hint of color, but the beauty of the decor makes up for all that mixed splash of color. Oh! and the bathrooms, oh my, if you have ever wanted to soak in a tub like royalty, Burj Al Arab is one place to do just that.

Atlantis The Palm, Dubai10 top luxury hotels in dubai atlantis-the-palm-dubai-toni-payne-travel

The Atlantis The Palm is probably one of my favorite hotels in Dubai because of how child friendly it is. This hotel is like a world in its own, with an abundance of activities to do without leaving the premises. They have a lot of marine life so you can go chill with the Dolphins or go scuba diving. Either way you are guaranteed a good time. The Atlantis although pricey, is still more affordable that the Burj Al Arab.

Personally, I feel if you have kids, you will enjoy your stay here more than other hotels. Some of the activities the hotel offers include a chance to come up close and personal with marine animals like Dolphins at the Dolphin Bay. They also have a mini water park on the hotel premises. You can also visit the aquarium, take diving courses or go on a yacht cruise. Although the Atlantis The Palm has an abundance of activities to keep you busy, also keep in mind that some of these activities are not free.

You don’t have to spend all your money to enjoy this resort hotel. Situated on a beach, you can choose to relax on the beach. The hotel offers many beach chairs to chill on, while enjoying exquisite views. You can also take a mini shuttle around the hotel grounds to feed your eyes. I can never get enough of the beauty I witness, either walking around, or taking a shuttle around. For me, It is also very therapeutic.

The Underwater Room at Atlantis The Palmatlantis-the-palm-underwater-suite

If you have ever wanted to stay in an underwater hotel room, this would be one of very few hotels that offer that experience. The underwater suite is one of their signature suites at Atlantis The Palm. The view from your bed is incredible. You literally have a floor to ceiling window which faces a lagoon. If there is one thing to experience in a lifetime, this should be one of them.

Keep in mind, there is another Atlantis The Palm in the Bahamas and you can find information about it in our 10 Top Bahamas Hotels.

Armani Hotel Dubai10-top-luxury-hotels-in-dubai-armani-hotel-dubai-toni-payne-travel

The Armani Hotel in Dubai is located inside the world-famous Burj Khalifa Tower. It is about 6 miles from the Dubai International Airport so getting to and from with a cab will be quite easy and affordable. You wont need to worry about transportation however, because the hotel offers an airport shuttle. The hotel is also small with about 160 guest rooms. If you are a smoker, this hotel is not for your because all the rooms are smoke free.

Two notable things about this hotel are the views and the very unique hall way. I love how simple yet modern the design is. After the summer, this hotel can run you over $400 US Dollars a night. The suites will cost you over $1000 US Dollars a night. Personally, I think it is this pricey because of its location. It is a prime location in Dubai that is right in the middle of everything. There is a mall right across the street and you get a chance to watch the Burj Khalifa water show, which I have to admit, can be quite romantic.

Jumeirah Dar Al Masyaf, Madinat Jumeirah10-top-luxury-hotels-dubai-jumeirah-dar-al-masyaf-toni-payne-travel

The Jumeirah Dar Al Masyaf is absolute simple elegance. Located on Al Sufouh Road, it is also about 13 miles from the airport. Don’t you just love how most of them are under 15 miles from the airport? Also, most of the hotels I have mentioned so far are around Jumeirah. This is because a lot of the luxury hotels in Dubai are situated around this area. The hotel has a free children’s club, a free area shuttle and twenty restaurant. If also features 283 rooms, 2 indoor and 15 outdoor pools.

Some of the deluxe rooms come with an “Ocean view” which I personally think is more of a Marina view. Either way, they are still good views to wake up to. You get a good view of the Burj Al Arab from the hotel grounds. It can get pretty busy so if you are looking to socialize, you should have no problems doing so here.

More Luxury Hotels in Dubaijumeirah-zabeel-saray-royal-residences-toni-payne-travel

  • Grosvenor House Dubai – Located on Al Sufouh Road in Dubai Marina, this hotel has 252 Guestrooms and is  about 13 miles from the Dubai International Airport.
  • Jumeirah Emirates Towers – Located on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, this hotel has 400 Guestrooms and is about 5 miles from the Dubai International Airport.
  • The Ritz-Carlton Executive Residences – Located near Dubai Mall at Gate Village, this hotel has 341 luxurious guestrooms. It is about 5 miles from the airport.
  • Jumeirah Zabeel Saray Royal Residences, Dubai – This absolutely gorgeous hotel is located on Crescent Road, in The Palm Jumeirah. It has an amazing decor and 350 guestrooms. It is about 18 miles from the airport and may set you back over $3,000 US Dollars per night.
  • Rixos The Palm Dubai– Rixos The Palm Dubai, is also on the Palm Jumeirah. It offers exquisite views and 230 guestrooms. It is about 15 miles from the airport and about 11 miles from Mall of the Emirates.
Honorable Mention: The Water Discus Hotel, Dubaiwater-discus-hotel-dubai-deep-ocean

The Water Discus Hotel, Dubai by Deep Ocean Technology made our list because of its amazing technology. This super innovative under water hotel will soon be open to travelers worldwide. I am almost certain it will be a dream must stay hotel for a lot of people.

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