Paris Attractions : A Guide to Sightseeing in Paris, France

Paris Attractions : A Guide to Sightseeing in Paris, France Louvre Toni Payne Travel
Paris Attractions : A Guide to Sightseeing in Paris, France

Are you planning to step in the iconic city of Paris? Before you head on to one of the most beautiful cities on earth; read our detailed travel sightseeing guide for Paris. Paris is probably one of the most historical cities in the world. The beauty of well-preserved history will leave you in awe. As historical as it may be, The City of Lights is still a really diverse and advanced city, so you may need to learn a little french and dress up to blend in. Being on a stroll around the city, you will witness some awe-inspiring vistas one after another, including the majestic Eiffel Tower to the imperial Jardin des Tuileries. Furthermore, you will find a bunch of little cafes spread aside most of the city’s pavements. The city is visually stunning and entails rich French culture. Whether you are an art & history geek or a fashionable chic, Paris pleases every tourist!

Things to Do in ParisParis Attractions : A Guide to Sightseeing in Paris, France Louvre Toni Payne Travel eiffel tower

  • Eiffel Tower

    Paris dazzles with iconic landmarks and the famous Eiffel Tower is one of them. It’s importance can be compared to the Statue of Liberty in New York. Eiffel Tower attracts millions of visitors globally. The view of this well known tower is absolutely breath-taking at night when the glittering light show takes place. Don’t forget to watch the famous five-minute Eiffel Tower’s electric dance which repeats every hour until 1 AM. Getting to the Eiffel Tower is easy. The closest metro station to is Champ de Mars on line RER C. You can also reach the tower by taxi or you can use a guided tour company

  • Palace of Versailles

Palace of Versailles is another top tourist spot in Paris. If you have ever wondered what a real Historical Palace looks like, then add this place to your list. I for one have been obsessed with European history for as long as I can remember. The TV show Reign, the story of Mary Queen of Scots, and King Francis, which is set in ancient Paris makes me want to visit and imagine myself at French court. Here, you will find historical paintings, and also get a first hand experience of life at French Court. Allow your imagination run free, be a Dauphin for a day, but most importantly enjoy every breath-taking second of your visit.

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    • Musee Rodin

      Housing Rodin’s amazing art pieces namely The Kiss, The Thinker, The Gates of Hell along with a huge collection of around 8000 drawings and artworks, Musee Rodin is certainly one of most beautiful museums in Paris. Adorned with an artistic fountain, outdoor eatery and rose gardens, Musee Rodin is perfect place for spending a delightful afternoon.

    • The Louvre

      After the most alluring Eiffel Tower, the next thing that pleases travelers is The Louvre. One exciting thing about the world’s greatest museum is that it houses the three most incredible and fascinating paintings of the world including the Mona Lisa, the Winged Factory and the Venus de Milo. Spread over an area of 675,000 square, gaze at the marvelous paintings and get lost in such an appealing environment.

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  • Disneyland Paris

What is Paris with the kids without Disneyland Paris. Like other Disney amusement parks, Disneyland Paris offers a fun day to remember for adults and kids alike. Not only do you get to enjoy an array of rides, you also get to meet some of your favorite Disney Characters. If you live in Europe, and do not want to fly all the way to the USA to visit Disney, then this theme park in Paris is just right for you.  Disneyland Paris is about hour from the Paris airports by shuttle bus. By car it has direct access from the A4 autoroute and it is just a two minutes walk from Marne-la-Vallée/Chessy train station.
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Shopping and eating in Paris

  • Shop till you Drop
    If you are fashion conscious chic, don’t miss out to visit the popular Champs-Elysees and Rue St-Honore to get your hands on some trendy outfits, accessories and much more.
  • Divine Food
    Munch your favorite French or continental cuisines just the way locals do. Paris has loads of cafes bursting on the sidewalks as well as around the entire city so you won’t sleep hungry. Drop by the well-known Café de Flore, Café des Deux Moulins or Café de la Paix for indulging in some heavenly and mouth-watering food.
  • Magnificent Churches
    The Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris (Known was “Our Lady of Paris” in French Language) entails precious sculptures as it was one of the very first Gothic Cathedrals. Both Notre-Dame and Sacre-Coeur audaciously mark the city’s skyline.

    Places to go in ParisParis Attractions : A Guide to Sightseeing in Paris, France Louvre Toni Payne Travel versaille

    The magical city of Paris stays crowded with tourists and travelers all year round but the priciest yet popular season is summer when most of the tourists make their way to the beautiful city of Paris. It stays much vibrant and alive in Summer Season whilst being packed with a great number of tourists. Open air movie screenings, music & cultural festivals and enticing activities take place throughout the summers in order to entertain the visitors.  These are some of the things you can do in Paris that will make your trip memorable. If you are visiting Paris from other countries, be sure to download and read our Travel Guide to Paris.

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