Relationship Advice – Delay is not denial & the importance of self love

Relationship Advise - Tatyana ali and husband Vaughn Rasberry

Dropping Gems on Love! Relationship Advise – Delay is not denial and the importance of self love.

Today’s celebrity inspiration is Actress Tatyana Ali who recently got engaged and is expecting her first child with her future husband Vaughn Rasberry.
I met Tatyana Ali over 15 years ago at six flags. My school was having a school night and she happened to be there as well. She had such a beautiful aura and a smile that made you smile. She was casual, jovial and down to earth. There is no doubt Tatyana is beautiful inside and out so ideally one would be surprised that a lucky man is just snagging her up.

But when you really think about it, most times issues surrounding love doesn’t always work out how you expect. You may be a wonderful person but for some reason, you are still single. Remember, when it comes to choosing a life partner, you have to know and love yourself to really understand and locate your “fit.” Having self-worth plays a key role in the partner we choose and truth is sometimes, good men can take their time to find you or you to find them so it is imperative to be patient.

It’s not just about finding a man to wife you because “you are getting older” or “you really want it” or ” he is so hot” or “he is rich” It is about finding the perfect fit. A man who will love you and give you peace of mind all the days of your life. A man who will respect you and make sure you never feel insecure – ever! A man whose future ambitions aligns with yours.

In Tatyana’s case, her patience earned her a triple blessing –  a baby on the way, a wonderful man and a ring. Taking her time did not mean it would not happen. Now look how beautiful her story turned out.

As humans we have an idea what we want –  most times. If you are the type that wants marriage yet you are with someone that does not, what is the essence of your relationship? If your future goals and your views about your union do not align, how long will it really last? There is no such thing as “he does not want to get married so ill settle for whatever he gives me” This is doing a disservice to yourself if that is what you really want. Plus, chances are if that is the excuse you have been getting, he may not be for you or he may know that in the long run you may not be for him. Your ideals have to align in order to start a beautiful journey together.

Sometimes you have to work on self, give yourself time to really know what you want so you don’t fall in the wrong hands. As I always say, that self esteem has to be on fleek and only you can help yourself bring it to that point. All the time you have to understand and never forget that delay does not mean denial. If it hasn’t happened for you yet, simply take that time to mold yourself and your heart for the right man.

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