The importance of taking a Vacation

The importance of taking a Vacation - Toni Payne in Dubai

The importance of taking a Vacation – Why taking a vacation is good for your mind, body and soul.

One life balancing idea a lot of us tend to ignore is taking vacations. Just as important as working 9 to 5 or in my case 24/7 is taking some time off to relax and refresh.

5 Vacation Benefits

1. Helps clear your head – Taking a vacation is essential to helping clear your head. When you go through the normal routine of life, your brain can get exhausted from the monotonous schedule. A vacation is a new and exciting thing to do that will re-energize your brain and have you looking forward to something refreshing.
2. Opportunity to see other cultures – If you can afford to, I always say choose a new spot when you take vacations. I have been to England countless times so now when I plan my vacations, although I love visiting England, I tend to choose some place I have never been before. I recently visited Cabo San Lucas and was pleasantly surprised to see how beautiful it was. It is one of the few places I plan on visiting severally due to its beauty and close proximity by flight to Los Angeles.
3. Resets mind, body and soul – Taking some time out is great for your mind, body, and soul. Not only does it help reset your mind, it also gives you time to rest your body. Getting the necessary rest can be beneficial for your soul.
4. Opportunity to bond with loved ones – Have you noticed that sometimes we get so busy we do not have time for loved ones. It starts with the “ill call you back” and escalates to “ill see you soon but not showing up.” A busy schedule can make us lose touch with loved ones. A vacation with loved ones is a perfect opportunity to reconnect and catch up without the hustle and bustle of life interfering.
5. A learning experience – Learning is done best when it is hands on. It is one thing to read about other places and cultures but it’s another things to experience it first hand. Travelling can give you the chance to do this, which in turn will give you a better appreciation for the world and its many different people.

It is easy to get lost in the rat race called life. Once you do, you may begin to notice that life will begin to seem monotonous. You end up following the same routine and sometimes it may feel like you are stuck in one place. If you find yourself in this situation, take time off and reset. It will do your mind, body and soul a lot of good.

Resetting doesn’t need to be expensive either. A weekend off doing things you love can help bring your mind back to where it should be. A new hobby like painting, pottery or even sports like Tennis or Swimming can do your mind and body a lot of good.

So what places would you like to visit?

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