How to move on when the Love is gone even after sacrificing for your partner

How to move on when the love is no longer thereLove is a selfless emotion that can instigate decisions that may eventually not favor us. When you are with someone, you want the best for them. Some even go as far as dropping everything they have going to join hands with their partner in an effort to help build their partners dreams with the plans to reap the fruits together. Sometimes it becomes a huge sacrifice that does not go as planned. I get the question – How to move on when your husband leaves you or How to move on when your marriage is over or How to move on when you are still in love – This article will cover the general idea of moving on when this happens.

We all hope for a selfless partner and although there are exceptions (yes users do exist) but I think ultimately most people don’t set out to leave those that were there for them, but what happens when love is no longer enough and we feel the need to move on from that person who has been there for us? What happens when you have to come to terms with no longer loving someone? Do you stay and pretend or do you let them go to find someone who can truly love them?

Even when we know our partner will be hurt, does it change what we feel inside? The answer is no!

I believe no matter what, never stay with someone out of pity or guilt and in retrospect if you are the other party you can’t enjoy someone who really doesn’t want to be with you so why bother ? Love isn’t always 100% and as hurtful as it may be, it’s best to come to terms with it sooner than later so your chances of moving on peacefully and starting fresh are better.Genuine Love, respect and mutual feelings of wanting each other should always be foremost. Love should not be forced.

Now what happens if you are on the receiving end? If you are that partner who gave someone your all and your all was just not enough? Do you get bitter and stay stuck in one place or do you pick up the pieces and as hard as it may be, move on? I believe the later is the better option and it’s for this reason I’ll look at this from the perspective of a public figure because it is much harder dealing with breakups when you are in the public eye.  In my TP positive images I use well known documented cases to help people relate it to their situation. I analyze from my point of view and try as much as possible to help whomever is facing the same situation relate.

Coming to terms with the fact that what you have helped build and what you thought would last forever is coming to an end is super hard. Emotions that come with such situations have been known to drive some crazy or to do crazy things. When you feel the need to over react or get even, remember, going out of your element for someone who no longer cares is simply not worth it. Do not stop your blessings for someone who won’t compromise theirs for you.

Dealing with a breakup in the public eye is 1 million times harder than dealing with it privately so I feel if most public figures can do it and move on, so can someone else going through the same. You just have to want to. You have to work hard to show that you can stand alone and you are not someones ex.

As hard as it is to help someone else build a brand and watch them move on without you – think Cookie Lyon, you should take things in stride and move one. As hard as it is to watch someone else reap from your hard work, you have to gracefully move on to build a name for yourself. There are probably days you will wish you spent that effort, all those years, on yourself. But truth is, sometimes people we help may be used later to indirectly elevate us at the right time.

So what do you do when the love of your life disappoints you and forces you to start all over? You do it like a champ! It may seem hard to count your loses and move on but you will not know what life has ready for you if you do not. Sulking will not change the past nor will it change the mind of a person who has their mind made up. As sweet as it is to believe all love will last forever, some just don’t and people can fall out of love. It has been happening before our time and will continue to happen for generations to come. Except of course, science finds a fix. lol.

Feel free to give yourself time to heal but do not get lost in the wait to heal. Get proactive about moving forward.

4 thoughts on “How to move on when the Love is gone even after sacrificing for your partner

  1. Woow thanks for this Toni, I have a friend presently in this kinda situation and he is finding it hard to lv his marriage cuz its obvious he has fallen out of love wit his wife. Everyday fights and quarrels , he is actually der cuz of his kid(Africans fav line). All I tell him is to take it easy cuz I dnt wanna sound selfish in my advice to him, I no fit stay for dat kin tin sha. What do you think he should do about this?

    1. You are very welcome. Sometimes things that are good for us are the hardest to do. I think he should first of all sit down with his wife and talk. No yelling or blaming, just simply communicating. Sometimes when we put all ego aside and communicate we may get to the bottom of the problem and start with fixing it. When children are involved, it is wise to try all solutions, providing there is no violence or abuse in the home. I hope this helps your friend. Take Care.

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