Inspirational Poetry: When it’s all too familiar by Toni Payne

Inspirational & Motivational Poem LYRICS:

When it is all too familiar by Toni Payne

My past association earned me a lot of haters
They hang around and watch, waiting, hating
Little do they know, they wait in vain
Propaganda after propaganda without gain
I smile sheepishly cos I’m busy living a dream
Still, I encourage them to join the winning team
Being myself earned me some brothers and sisters,
some of them riders, some that simply minister
When it’s all too familiar
It doesn’t matter what people say
These days I’m cream, Iv paved the way
I earn my own money, I pay my own bills
I make it look easy, but the hustle is real
Don’t try to compare, if you don’t know the deal
They say how do you do it?,
I smile and coast through it
Cos life played me a card
And I have to win through it
Sometimes I’m overwhelmed
But that happens in this realm
No matter how hard, I still do the mindful
Even when life becomes a handful
Take care of my own,
gracefully cos im not alone
head high cos I’m a Queen
living a life with honor
Teaching a boy to be a man
that’s what true Queens do
when faced with the challenge
they ace it like they have a peen too
Physically fit, mentally capable
Emotionally sound, 100 all round
Even when they tried to maim my name
I cut my loses and owned the game,
A split that felt like the worst thing ever
Turned out to be, the best decision ever,
When they ask will you reconsider,
I simply reply, never
When it’s all too familiar
It is what it is
It also could be what you want it to be
You can’t deny history
Even when it feels like a mystery
That’s how you learn
That’s how you earn
Stripes from the storm
To be what you’ll become..

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  1. #BringBackOurGirls

    the Naysayers may continue their doom expectations but it is certain that…
    Eni too ba fe wo iseju akan re, a pe leti omi


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