Inspirational Poetry: I Wish by Toni Payne

I Wish – Inspirational Poetry by Toni Payne

I wish I had that clout like those that did poetry before me.
Like Maya Angelou, she knew how to bring the words to life.
I wish I had the skills to make my words do a dance number before me.
Touch many lives, makes a difference, if only!
I wish Oprah would call me and say, you want to hang out? my reply? Surely!
I wish I could write a story, you know documenting my life,
the ups the downs, the good, the bad, the pain, the joy, but words continue to fail me.
I wish I could tell the one that hurt me “I hate you,”
without feeling like I’m breaking the biggest rule my values has ever thought me.
I wish I could fly, sprinkle happy dust from the sky,
take away people’s pain, simply by making it rain.
I wish I could divert my attention,
be a little selfish with the best intentions,
run wild and free, just being me.
I wish I knew before a thousand moons, simply by glancing, what it would hold.
Will it be forever, a soulmate or never.
I wish I could kiss his lips,
not minding who is watching,
not caring if tongues are wagging,
even if he is a stranger,
a second of not caring I owe me.
I wish I could undress him slowly,
watch the moonlight hit his navel,
planting soft kisses because I am able.
I wish I could shout it out, make it oh so loud,
tell everyone who cares to know,
I want you baby, from now on till forevermore,
but the questions in my head, would never allow me.
I wish I had the power of Nostradamus.
I think we all secretly do,
to see into the future,
and avoid that which we could.
Through life’s love and the hurt,
in happiness and in pain,
through the Sunshine and rain,
all I can think about is,
I wish I could wish a thousand wishes.
Run through the fields my voice very high, exclaiming,
“I wish, I wish, I wish till infinity all the wishes I wish I could wish again!!”
I Wish - Inspirational Poetry by Toni Payne

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