50 Things To Do When You Are Bored

50 Things To Do When You Are Bored
Have you ever had one of those days where you are so bored you almost want to pull your hair out. Well, fret not because I have complied a list of 50 Things to do when you are bored. Read and Enjoy.

1. Read a Book
2. Watch a Movie
3. Catch up on TV shows
4. Go for a long drive
5. Knit a Sweater
6. Write a Short Story
7. Tweet on Twitter
8. Browse and Comment on Instagram Pictures
9. Comment / Like Facebook Posts
10. Have Sex
11. Listen to Music
12. Wash Your car
13. Take a Walk
14. Go for a Run
15. Exercise
16. Do Yoga
17. Catch up with old friends
18. Go out for drinks
19. Watch videos on Youtube
20. Call Family and Friends
21. Write a Bucket List
22. Activate the Bucket List
23. Go and get Pampered
24. Pick up a new craft
25. Write to your future self
26. Do a New Year / Mid Year Resolution
27. Write your Christmas List
28. Shop Online
29. Go out for drinks
30. Go to a restaurant
31. Go to the movies and do a movie marathon
32. Fly / Drive to another state
33. Get Artistic and Paint on canvas
34. Cook your favorite meal
35. Give yourself a Facial
36. Give yourself a Mani- Pedi
37. Clean your house
39. Go walk the neighbors dog
40. Download and Listen to Podcasts
41. Go grocery shopping
42. Babysit for a friend
43. Do something you have always wanted to do
44. Download the latest Apps and try them out
45. Write a review about those Apps you tried out
46. Play Video Games
47. Get involved with your favorite charity
48. Volunteer to write awesome articles for this website – lol
49. Read Posts on Toni Payne Online – lol
50. Write a list of 50 things to do when you are bored ( This helped me – lol )


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    Great post. I have tried a few today

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