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I believe everyone has had days where you try to find purpose in life. We live each day but some days we kick back to think and make sure we are on the right path. Some days feel good, while other days feel like you can’t catch a break. There are also days where you look back at your past, not with regret, but in reflection at some of the things you could have done different. For those days I wrote the poem “Battlefield”. The emotions in this poem is raw and writing it took me about 10 minutes and I voiced it right away so its doesn’t come out sounding too refined. Life really is a rat race. If only we could figure it out so we can easily find our way. Since we can’t, we live, we try, we continue to do our best hoping that our best will someday be more than enough. Enjoy “BattleField” Spoken Word poetry by me Toni Payne. Full Lyrics are below. Hope you enjoy it.

BATTLEFIELD Spoken Word Poetry BY TONI PAYNE (Lyrics)

Life is like a battlefield
it could hit you mentally, emotionally or physically
days when you feel angry
like you originated
in a world that is meant to confuse
about the rules
like a rat race
where you are tryna to find your place
how can I define what is mine
so I can refrain
from feeling disdain
about things that will make me feel pain
and make me cry
because they were never mine
how can I refine
so I do not get denied
So I can feel useful
and not feel useless
asking myself every chance I get
what is going on?
all I want is for it to go on
I mean life!
all I want is for it to go on…..
like the picture in my head
it isnt perfect, not at all
its not like I want it all
just a chance to make the call
to make a way
and see a day
a chance to win this race
moving at a steady pace
so I can define the gravity in which..
I exist.!
I am not done
there is more to this, than this.

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